HAPPENING NOW: The Fall of the United States of America

HAPPENING NOW: The Fall of the United States of America

HAPPENING NOW: The Fall of the United States of America

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In the European media, they are talking about a new energy agreement between Russia and China. France24 is reporting that Moscow is confident that the Russian pipeline Power of Siberia 2 is going ahead. The project was part of the discussion between Chinese President Xi Jinping and Russian President Vladimir Putin in Moscow this week. 

The US media is working overtime on the narrative that China is noncommittal on the project, which is verifiably false. The pipeline has been operational since 2019, and Putin and Xi have been discussing a potential agreement since then. Following the summit, Putin said, "all agreements have been reached." China has not disputed the claim.

The summit appears to have solidified the Russia-China Alliance against the United States of America. Even CNN reported that the second biggest takeaway from the summit was centered on the two nations’ posture towards the “new world order and alignment against the US.”

“Experts say that China and Russia’s inclination to build their alignment against the US – and a world order more suited to their own more autocratic agendas – was driving the meeting, not interest in resolving the conflict in Ukraine,” a seemingly terrified Simone McCarthy from CNN wrote.

The summit comes as populist uprisings are spreading across Europe, and people in Germany, Switzerland, and surrounding countries are warning of a European energy crisis as early as this summer. These warnings are due to the downstream impacts of the Nordstream2 pipeline sabotage late last year, a pivotal event for which world consensus points the finger at the US. 

Europeans are going to feel massive economic pain at the hands of the US, and China and Russia are capitalizing on this moment. They are building public support for US opposition. They are well down their path of execution for the destruction of America. 

If that isn’t enough, the summit appears to have strengthened BRICS and accelerated the decline of the PetroDollar. Russia agreed to start using the Chinese yuan instead of the US dollar for trade with Asia, Africa and Latin America. LATIN AMERICA.

The leaders also pledged to strengthen their military ties during the summit. While not reported in the US media, Russia and China, along with South Africa, held joint naval drills in February 2023 in the Indian Ocean. 

“Together, we should push forward these changes that have not happened for 100 years,” Xi said. 

Whose side are you on? Remember your oath.

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