"Moving In The Right Direction" Joe Biden is Subverting America

"Moving In The Right Direction" Joe Biden is Subverting America

"Moving In The Right Direction" Joe Biden is Subverting America

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Every day I find new examples of how the rules that govern our society apply differently based on class, position. and ideology. It’s all then wrapped in mass societal gaslighting.

Earlier this week, Governor Gavin Newson came under fire for failing to disclose ties to Silicon Valley Bank while he was lobbying for a bailout. Per California law, elected officials are prohibited from exerting influence on government decisions if they have a financial interest in the decision, or if even the perception of such an interest exists. Jennifer Siebel Newsom, the wife of Governor Gavin Newsom, received a $100,000 donation from SVB to her non-profit organization, California Partners Project. The former SVB president is on the charity’s board.

That seems like a conflict, and there is no question that there is the perception of a conflict. Also, this California law is silly considering the investment+lobbying history of California Representative and former Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi. Have they ever enforced this law?

The White House is out telling everyone that the Banking Sector is sound, and that the American economy is moving in the right direction. Meanwhile, on Tuesday, Moody’s downgraded its outlook on the US Banking System to Negative. The big three rating firm stated:

“We have changed to negative from stable our outlook on the US banking system to reflect the rapid deterioration in the operating environment following deposit runs at Silicon Valley Bank (SVB), Silvergate Bank, and Signature Bank (SNY) and the failures of SVB and SNY.”

According to Biden, that means “moving in the right direction.” 

Goldman Sachs lowered its 2023 GDP forecast on Wednesday, citing “a pullback in lending from small- and medium-sized banks amid turmoil in the broader financial system,” according to a new CNBC report. “The firm lowered its growth forecast by 0.3 percentage points to 1.2% under expectations that smaller banks will attempt to preserve liquidity in case they need to meet depositor withdrawals, leading to a substantial tightening in bank lending standards.”

According to Biden, that means “moving in the right direction.” 

US Treasury Bonds are tanking at every level while UK and German Bond Markets are up. Usually if stocks are up bonds tend to be down and vice versa. But when stocks and bonds fall at the same time, we have a real inflation problem. Inflation is tanking bond value, and experts are now “urgently” warning of a bond market recession. 

According to Biden, that means “moving in the right direction.” Also, Biden was out gaslighting this week that inflation is down 35%.

Serious question, what is Biden’s objective and who are his shareholders? What indicators is he measuring? Who is he working for? Because it’s certainly not America. 

Remember your oath, and Impeach Joe Biden to Save America.

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