Are we being invaded?

Are we being invaded?

Are we being invaded?

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On Friday, the Biden Administration claimed to shoot down an unidentified object over Alaska. Then today, they allegedly shot down another unidentified object over Northern Canada. This comes one week after the "Chinese Spy Balloon" last week. 

The Chinese Spy Balloon reported did not have Chinese markings; rather, it had English writing and looks remarkably similar to the Google balloons all over the globe. The narrative coming out from the Biden Administration is that they are tough on China, and that they stood up to the CCP on #BalloonGate. 

This narrative is laughable, as the Administration allowed the balloon to traverse the interior and hover over US critical infrastructure.

The situation with the balloons and "unidentified flying objects" is a perfect example of the federal government's biggest issue: There is zero public trust. 

You've lied to us about everything and, in this balloon adventure, your narrative defies logic and common sense. We simply do not believe you. 

If you're attempting to instill fear in the American people, it's not going to work. Because, again, we don't believe you. Congress needs to demand answers about the balloons and other "objects" in public televised hearings. 

Remember your oath. 

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