Of Mad Scientists & Monkeys

Of Mad Scientists & Monkeys

Of Mad Scientists & Monkeys

Dear Legislator,


I am writing to make you aware of an alarming story that appears to be ignored by the mainstream media and federal government.

On Friday, Tara Bull released a thread on Twitter about the 100 lab monkeys that 'escaped' near a Pfizer lab in Pennsylvania back in January of 2022. According to the official story, three monkeys escaped and later were caught, 97 monkeys survived the crash, and everything is fine.
Friday was a heavy news story, it got buried. This story falls into your oversight of the Executive Branch, CDC, HHS, and Pfizer, so please pay attention.
A woman named Michele Fallon was in contact with one of the monkeys and later reportedly got sick with a herpes like infection. There are conflicting reports about the fate of Ms. Fallon. Much of the contemporaneous reporting on this topic has since been scrubbed. That's weird.
The monkeys were reportedly heading to the CDC after landing in JFK; but they ended up in Pennsylvania, where they crashed, not far from a Pfizer research facility.
From Bull's reporting: "The monkeys in the accident were on their way to a 'CDC-approved quarantine facility' after arriving at New York's Kennedy Airport from Mauritius, an island nation located off the eastern coast of Africa near Madagascar, and owned by the UK per AP (Jan 26, 2022)."
What were the lab monkeys being used for? Why were three of the100 euthanized? 
"'These types of monkeys are currently in high demand for coronavirus vaccine research' per the New York Times (who has removed the article)."
Why did the New York Times remove the article? Were they heading to the Pfizer research facility? Is that the CDC approved facility? Why are we talking about this now?
Well, last week, Project Veritas exposed a Pfizer Director Jordon Walker discussing Pfizer using monkeys to mutate Covid-19 in an effort to sell more vaccines to the unsuspecting public. A coincidence of this magnitude is not possible. 
Is anyone providing oversight of the mad scientists?
Bull poses some important questions in her reporting that must be addressed in your upcoming committee hearings:
"Omicron and its subvariants: The original Omicron strain (BA.1) was first identified in Botswana and South Africa in late November 2021, and cases quickly began to surface and multiply in other countries. Two months prior to the 100 monkey crash. Were these monkeys being used to mutate the coronavirus and purposely released to spread the newer, more potent strain of the infectious disease?"
This seems not only plausible but, at this point, highly likely based on the amount of lies that the government propagated in recent years about Covid, monkey pox, animal testing (remember the Beagles?), lab leaks, bio labs, and Pfizer.
You don't have the public trust. The people deserve answers. 
HHS sent a letter to those who were in contact with the monkeys. You should start there.
Remember Your Oath. 
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