Weaponized Government is Tyrannical and unAmerican

Weaponized Government is Tyrannical and unAmerican

Weaponized Government is Tyrannical and unAmerican

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The reason we have three co-equal branches of government is to provide checks and balances on power. As your constituent in this experiment of self-governance, it often feels like those in American government have forgotten their most important job: To protect and defend our natural rights.

The Executive branch is out of control, from unilateral edicts via Executive Order, to the whole-of-government approach to infiltrate every aspect of our lives, to the weaponization of law enforcement. 

To date, there has been no one to provide a check or a balance on this tyrannical branch. Now that you’re sworn in and settled into the 118th Congress, please focus your attention on preserving and defending our natural rights – they are very much under attack.  

If the branches aren’t checking or balancing each other, then it’s just tyranny. For the first two years of this administration, that is what the American People have witnessed: Unchecked tyranny.  

Our calls for accountability are not going away. We have stepped off the political merry-go-round, and we are refocusing our attention on reigning in the tyranny and ensuring accountability. The 118th Congress has already made history by restoring rules and order to the House of Representatives.

Make even greater history by honoring your oath. 

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