Happy New Year -- Let's Make 2023 Better

Happy New Year -- Let's Make 2023 Better

Happy New Year -- Let's Make 2023 Better

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2022 has been a difficult year, Congress. 
Remember right before the election, when the NY Times was openly and publicly stunned that 68% of Americans viewed government corruption as our nation’s biggest problem?
“While 71 percent of registered voters agreed that democracy was “under threat,” only about 17 percent of voters described the threat in a way that squares with discussion in mainstream media and among experts — with a focus on Republicans, Donald J. Trump, political violence, election denial, authoritarianism, and so on.” - Nate Cohn, NYT
We all watched, amused, as the Old Grey Lady and her dutiful propagandists worked through their cognitive dissonance in a very public way. 
“Instead, they point most frequently to a longstanding concern about the basic functioning of a democratic system: whether government works on behalf of the people. Many respondents volunteered exactly that kind of language. One said, ‘I don’t think they are honestly thinking about the people.’ Another said politicians ‘forget about normal people.’ Corruption, greed, power and money were familiar themes.” - Nate Cohn, NYT
It hasn’t gotten better since that poll was released in October. The most recent Gallup Poll confirms that government is – by far – America’s biggest problem. 
As you enjoy your holiday festivities this evening, and as you welcome in the new year, full of possibilities, I have just one final demand for remedy in 2022: 
Remember Your Oath. 
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