The State’s Narrative is Gotten Ridiculous as Trump heads Back to Court Today

The State’s Narrative is Gotten Ridiculous as Trump heads Back to Court Today

The State’s Narrative is Gotten Ridiculous as Trump heads Back to Court Today

The top story on CNN this morning is, Trump looks to seize on feud with FBI as critical court hearing looms.
Trump looks to seize? Is that really the narrative?
Yes. Just look at the lede. “Ex-President Donald Trump is considering the next escalation of his feud with the FBI, which has already put agents at risk and appears to be part of his effort to turn the search of his home for classified documents into a launch pad for his likely 2024 campaign.”
The narrative that Communist News Network wants you to believe is that Trump is escalating against the state – for political, re-election purposes – and he is putting poor, defenseless special agents of the FBI at risk. 
Trump is escalating against the state? This narrative would be laughable if it weren’t so dangerous. 
President Trump has been persecuted by The State since he came down the escalator in 2015. The Obama Administration weaponized the Justice Department, spying on the incoming President to cover-up their crimes against the American People. 
There are no crimes to uncover, no justice due the American People from the 45th and best-ever Commander in Chief. President Trump deregulated and returned power to the American people. He showed the world what it means to truly put America – and Americans – first. 
45 revealed the crimes of the former administrations (plural), waking us up to our State shackles and reminding us that, at least on paper, we are still free. 
Because of the stolen 2020 election, the third Obama Administration is back at it and picked up where they left off in January 2017 when 44 set up shop in DC to interfere with the People’s chosen leader from the shadows. 
This is all overtly political. It’s obvious and exposed. And that is why The State continues to escalate. 
The CNN article continues, “In the latest twist of the saga involving the FBI's removal of documents from Trump's Florida mansion last week, including some bearing the highest levels of classification, CNN reported on Wednesday that the former President is considering releasing surveillance footage of the bureau's search. The move might be motivated by Trump's desire to fire up his supporters with the impression that he is being persecuted, and there have been discussions of using it in campaign-style ads, one person familiar with the conversations told CNN.”
The impression that he is being persecuted? When fabricated investigation after fabricated investigation yields zero evidence of criminal behavior, the American people can safely conclude that the 45th President is being politically persecuted by the uniparty establishment that is desperate to retain their illegitimate power. 
The fact that CNN really doesn't want this footage released makes us want to see it even more.
No matter how many CNN “analyses” offer State propaganda declaring the necessity of the ongoing persecution of America's most popular president, the American People can now clearly see what’s going on. 
The State is escalating against Trump and, as we’ve been discussing here for the better part of two weeks, escalating against us. 
If First, Third, Fourth and Fifth Amendment protections are suspended for Trump – so The State can prevent him from running for office again – what makes you think you have any Constitutional protections at all?
If The State is allowed to get away with this unlawful and tyrannical behavior – in the name of law and order – then American Liberty is dead. 
The State shackles you with chains while they see no limitations on their own power whatsoever. This is dangerous. 
DEMAND FOR REMEDY: Immediately condemn the Department of Justice escalations against President Trump, investigate the same, and affirm Americans’ Fourth Amendment protections against the ongoing unlawful behavior of The State. 
Fax Congress today and get your grievances and demands for remedy on the record. 
Here is today’s letter to Congress:
The mainstream narrative coming from The State’s media partners is that President Trump is “escalating his feud with the FBI.” Your propaganda has gotten a bit ridiculous, Congress.
The State has been politically persecuting America’s most popular president since he came down the escalator in 2015. Fabricated investigation after fabricated investigation have revealed that the 45th President is cleaner than any politician in the history of our country.
We know if The State could make anything against him stick, they would have already. But what you have done is establish a precedent. Do you think you can come out as clean as 45 if the same attention was put on your dealings? We the People are committed to find out. 
Contrast this to the asymmetrical justice afforded the 44th and 43rd and 42nd administrations. War crimes and civil liberty violations and money laundering and gun running and so much more. 
The American People see through this. In your efforts to conceal, you have completely exposed yourselves. 
Since it appears you haven’t read the Constitution, here is a reminder of the Fourth Amendment:
“The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated, and no Warrants shall issue, but upon probable cause, supported by Oath or affirmation, and particularly describing the place to be searched, and the persons or things to be seized.”
You may want the American People to believe that this search was reasonable. That breaking into the President’s safe was reasonable. That telling staff to turn off the cameras and expelling the President’s attorney to the driveway was reasonable. 
We don’t think so. We see The State escalating, and any member of The State who remains silent on this will be seen as complicit. 
This is the most dangerous season in American history. Your silence is deafening. 
DEMAND FOR REMEDY: Immediately condemn the Department of Justice escalations against President Trump, investigate the same, and affirm Americans’ Fourth Amendment protections against the ongoing unlawful behavior of The State. 
Remember your oath and get on the right side of history. 
Did you miss the First, Second and Third demands for remedy? You can go back and resend – and with a CD Membership, you can send every message at no additional cost.

SECOND: Immediately cease and desist all infringements upon the Second Amendment rights of Americans, and publicly condemn further debate on the matter. The political science is settled – any infringement is a violation and will not be tolerated!


THIRD: Immediately codify into law American’s Third Amendment right to privacy, explicitly applicable to the federal government’s response to terror attacks, natural disasters, pandemic response, and any and all issues involving eminent domain and the militarization of the police.

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