RINO Traitors Near Agreement to Destroy 2nd Amendment

RINO Traitors Near Agreement to Destroy 2nd Amendment

RINO Traitors Near Agreement to Destroy 2nd Amendment

A list of RINOs and Democrats reached an agreement today to enact a bribery scheme using taxpayer dollars to force gun control. 

Senate negotiations arrived at a deal on a gun safety bill to strip firearms from dangerous people. The bill also calls for billions of dollars in new mental health funding. Politicians never want to solve the problem, they only want to cash checks and capitalize on tragedy.    
The following Republicans took it upon themselves to defile our Constitution, while taking no action to solve the root of the problem; a mental health crisis facilitated by Big Pharma and cultural decay enabled by the same Establishment that wants to disarm you.
Blunt(MO), Burr(NC), Capito(WV), Cassidy(LA), Collins(ME), Cornyn(TX), Ernst(IA), Graham(TX), McConnell(KY), Murkowski(AK), Portman(OH), Romney(UT), Tillis(NC), Young(IN)
Career politicians on both sides of the aisle have been selling us out for financial interests for decades.
Send your Instant FaxBlast and demand your Representatives reconsider this action NOW! 
If they do not, remind them that they will face the consequences of their actions after the November midterms, when Americans across the country will unite to vote them out!
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