Raising the Debt Ceiling is Being Pitched as “Savings”

Raising the Debt Ceiling is Being Pitched as “Savings”

Raising the Debt Ceiling is Being Pitched as “Savings”

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Speaker Kevin McCarthy is trying to sell raising the debt ceiling as the “largest legislative savings in history.” 

Speaking to Sean Hannity at the embattled Fox News network, McCarthy said that it’s a win because it only raises the one year at a time. The House Speaker also promised that the legislation will save the American taxpayer $4.8 trillion over 10 years.

"What this bill is, it's ‘Limit, Save, Grow,’” McCarthy said during Wednesday’s primetime broadcast. “You want to limit the ability for government to grow so fast like it did under Democrats going forward. So we capp the growth at 1% each year for the next ten. We save money by being smart."

The bill narrowly passed despite four Republicans voting with Democrats against it. Rep. Tim Burchett (R-TN) released a statement that resonates with Americans despite being in opposition to his party:

“I have never voted to raise our debt limit no matter who was in charge. Our country is nearly $32 trillion in debt right now. That’s a debt neither we, nor our kids or grandkids can pay. We need to do whatever is necessary to get back to a balanced budget and meaningful debt reduction so this issue doesn’t keep coming back to haunt us.”

"That… billions of dollars sitting out there [from] COVID [that was] never spent — we claw that back so the American taxpayer can save the money. We put in work requirements to help people get jobs to move forward; help our supply chain and get our country moving again."

The bill is expected to face strong opposition in the Democrat controlled Senate. 

This still feels a lot like politics as usual despite Republican cheerleading about change and making promises. 

If an American family was facing a debt crisis of this magnitude, radical changes to the budget and spending habits of the family would be required. But for government, it’s all monopoly money and you’re cheering our demise. 

Americans are waiting for our legislators to realize the moment we are in and act accordingly. Politics as usual ain’t it. 

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