Compare to President Trump: Things Are Looking Worse for Joe Biden

Compare to President Trump: Things Are Looking Worse for Joe Biden

Compare to President Trump: Things Are Looking Worse for Joe Biden

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According to reporting this week by Natalie Winters of War Room, Hunter Biden attended meetings between his father, then Vice President of the United States, and the President of University of Pennsylvania.

“Hunter Biden appears to have been present at meetings between University of Pennsylvania President Amy Gutmann and his father, then-Vice President Joe Biden, at the White House, according to emails obtained from the first son’s hard drive."

On Thursday, Tucker Carlson reported that, after he left the Vice Presidency, Joe Biden accepted a job as a U of Penn Professor. And shortly after that, the university began to receive tens of millions of dollars in donations from China. 

Is that the deal they were talking about in the White House? If not, what were they talking about and why was Hunter there?

As the Legislative check on Executive power, you have the duty to investigate and expose the truth. And then to hold this criminal and illegitimate regime accountable. 

“War Room can now reveal a relationship between Hunter Biden, who notoriously retains close financial and business ties to the Chinese Communist Party, and Gutmann. Gutmann served as the President of the University of Pennsylvania from 2004 until she was confirmed as the Ambassador to Germany in 2022. Gutmann’s nomination for the role – which she had no “professional expertise” for according to Politico – came after she was identified as blocking investigations into tens of millions of dollars from anonymous Chinese donors flowing into the Ivy League university. It is unclear whether or not the money, and if so, how much, ended up at the Penn Biden Center.”

Remember your oath. 

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