Biden Offers Terms of Surrender to the Globalist Cartel

Biden Offers Terms of Surrender to the Globalist Cartel

Biden Offers Terms of Surrender to the Globalist Cartel

The Biden Regime’s willful effort to advance the WHO’s takeover of American sovereignty is the clearest definition of treason.

Every freedom-loving American must fully understand the terms of Biden’s surrender. We must demand our Representatives take immediate and incessant action against this blatant overthrow on behalf of our own government!
The verbiage of the proposed amendments are a blatant, legally binding effort to enslave the United States to corrupt organizations including the International Atomic Energy Agency(IAEA), the Food and Agriculture Organization(FAO), the World Organisation for Animal Health(OIE), the UN Environment Program(UNEP), and other relevant entities.
The terms of Biden’s surrender should instill fear among all Americans! Our own government is signing away our freedoms to powers that wish to destroy the United States of America!
Send your Instant FaxBlast today and demand your Representatives take immediate action against the treason of the Biden Regime. We must DENY this proposal and DEFUND our commitments to the World Health Organization IMMEDIATELY!
If the United States commits to these terms, the United Nations will be cleared to deploy forces to our country at will. Foreign governments will be able to declare emergencies on our soil!
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