Joe Biden Sold Us to the New World Order

Joe Biden Sold Us to the New World Order

Joe Biden Sold Us to the New World Order

The Elites of the world are convening right now at Davos with the sole focus of making every human a slave. Attendees include the World Economic Forum and the World Health Organization. Together, with the United Nations, these bodies seek to annihilate the sovereignty of all nations. 

Joe Biden is ready to do their bidding and cede our great country to the demands of these Globalist snakes. The Global Pandemic Treaty will forfeit our rights to a One World governing body capable of deploying troops to any member country that does not abide by the Treaty’s demands.
We must refuse the Global Pandemic Treaty! We must immediately revert to isolationism and self-sufficiency to protect our sovereignty! Congress must restore our energy independence immediately and empower our farmers! We are on the cusp of a food crisis and social unrest; the likes of which our country has never seen.
Send your Instant FaxBlast today and demand your Representatives take extraordinary measures to protect and ensure the survival of our country! 
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