Biden DHS Announces "Ministry of Truth" for Midterms

Biden DHS Announces "Ministry of Truth" for Midterms

Biden DHS Announces "Ministry of Truth" for Midterms

The fate of America is in grave danger. The Biden Regime just announced a new organization within the Department of Homeland Security that will destroy the United States Constitution and give the Democrats unrestricted power.

The newly formed Disinformation Governance Board will seek out truth and transparency and crush Americans into silence and submission. Only the narrative of the Regime will be allowed to exist. 
Biden’s DHS appointed Nina Jankowicz, a known propagator of disinformation, to lead the organization. In 2020 Jankowicz dismissed the “Hunter Biden Laptop” as disinformation to protect Joe Biden’s presidential ambitions.  She is entirely unqualified and should be removed from consideration immediately! 
The entire Governance Board is a direct attack on the Constitution and our 1st Amendment rights. If the Governance Board is allowed to exist, no American will be safe from Biden’s weaponized Department of Homeland Security.
The Senate must condemn the formation of the Governance Board immediately!
Send your Instant FaxBlast today and demand every Representative take a stand against this tyrannical seizure of power.
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