Kamala’s Australian Gun "Control" -  Do NOT Infringe on 2A, There is NO Common Ground!
Kamala Harris is once again promoting her anti-gun law rhetoric and making statements intended to undermine the Second Amendment. On Friday, Harris delivered remarks at a State Department luncheon earlier in the day with Australian Prime Minister Anthony Albanese, suggesting that the United States should adopt stricter gun laws similar to Australia in order to reduce mass shootings. This statement, although false, also represents a complete disregard for our Second Amendment rights and a blatant violation of Americans' rights. Kamala and all of Congress need to understand that there will be NO ban on assault weapons, NO confiscation of assault weapons, and we will not COMPLY. They will NOT infringe on our Second Amendment rights!
Kamala and her anti-gun rhetoric just won't stop. During a luncheon with the Australian Prime Minister, Kamala made comments suggesting that the United States could eliminate mass shootings by adopting gun laws similar to those in Australia.
According to a brief on the Australian Parliament's official website, there is no legal right to gun ownership in Australia, in contrast to the position in the United States.
Additionally, Australian law requires individuals to prove they have a legitimate reason for owning a firearm. Self-protection is not considered a legitimate reason under that statute.
Furthermore, the nation's laws mandate that individuals who purchase firearms must have a license, and each firearm they own must be individually registered.
That's not all; in the late '90s, Australia completely BANNED automatic and semi-automatic firearms, introduced firearm registration, established stricter storage requirements for all firearms, and tightly restricted non-military-style semi-automatic rifles and shotgun purchases.
What's more, during this time, they introduced a mandatory gun buyback program that resulted in the collection of nearly 700,000 privately-owned firearms.
So, let me be clear. Kamala is praising a nation where there is NO LEGAL RIGHT to own a gun, where guns were confiscated en masse, where semi-automatic and automatic weapons are completely banned, and non-military-style semi-automatic rifles and shotgun purchases are highly restricted.
This statement is a mockery of our Constitution and our God-given rights. The Constitution ensures that we have the RIGHT to bear arms, and no government can infringe upon this right.
So, to Kamala and anyone who supports the idea that we should follow in Australia's footsteps, let's get one thing straight.
There is NO common ground that can be established between the United States gun laws and Australia's. The people of the United States, protected by the Constitution, which grants us the right to bear arms, will NEVER have this right infringed upon. You will NOT ban assault weapons, automatic or semi-automatic weapons, you will not enforce mandatory gun confiscations, and you will not MAKE anyone prove they need a weapon before purchase. You will NOT bring Australia's Draconian, tyrannical gun laws to the United States.