Congress Wants To Take Away Your Right To Bear Arms While Protesting: Stop The PPPA Act
Senators Ed Markey and Representative Jamie Raskin are back and pushing their Preventing Private Paramilitary Activity Act more than ever this week, especially in light of the protests taking place at the southern border. They claim that this act would grant the government the authority to restrict privately organized groups from public activities they define as paramilitary. Originating from concerns related to the January 6 protests, this act raises doubts about its true motivations and poses a threat to the right to assemble while armed, infringing on both the 2nd and 1st amendments. Congress must not pass the PPPA Act.
The Preventing Private Paramilitary Activity Act is another bill being pushed by the Democrats to undermine and infringe upon the people's rights under the guise of protecting our communities.The Act would prohibit privately organized groups from “publicly patrolling, drilling, or engaging in harmful or deadly paramilitary techniques,” “interfering with or interrupting government proceedings,” or “interfering with the exercise of someone else’s constitutional rights,” according to Mr. Markey.
The way in which the bill defines a “private paramilitary organization” is vague, it states that  a "private paramilitary organization" is any group of three or more individuals organized under a command structure with the intent of functioning publicly or training for roles in combat, combat support, law enforcement, or security services. It prohibits individuals from acting on behalf of such organizations while armed with weapons and engaging in activities such as patrolling, training, interfering with government or constitutional rights, or assuming law enforcement functions without official authority.
To some, this might sound reasonable, but in reality, especially when considering why this bill was created (in response to the January 6th protests), the Preventing Private Paramilitary Activity Act, if passed, would not only infringe upon our right to assemble and bear arms but also grant the government excessive authority to suppress gatherings of armed individuals, exploiting the pretext of paramilitary activity.
Which leads us to the massive protests that are currently taking place and are planned to take place at the Southern border in response to the invasion that is being facilitated by our corrupt government. These protests have been compared to January 6th (again the reason this act is being proposed), a protest by the people to voice our grievances. Similarly, the protests at the southern border are just that, protests and a demonstration of our first and second amendment rights, to voice our grievances and call for action. 
It wouldn't be unreasonable to say that many Americans who come to these protests may bear arms, a right granted by the constitution… but if this act is passed, the government could claim that bearing arms while protesting against federal institutions is paramilitary activity, therefore rendering this protest illegal. This is exactly why Congress must NOT pass the Preventing Private Paramilitary Activity Act!