One of Donald Trump’s great successes was his effort to defund the United Nations. In four years, President Trump cut billions from the United Nations and its sister organizations.

When the Palestinian Authority was caught misusing American funding — the PA was caught providing a pension for terrorists’ families and using American education funding to teach students “death to America/Israel” — Trump cut all the funding. If the Palestinian government had enough money to pay for terrorism, then they should already have enough money to care for their people…

When President Trump learned how much funding the Obama administration had given to foreign abortion providers, Trump was disgusted. He reimplemented the Reagan-era Mexico City Policy to block American tax dollars from going to the UN Population Fund or any other UN-affiliate pro-abortion organizations.

When the UN was caught trying to sneak unvetted refugees into the US, Trump defunded the United Nations’ Global Compact on Migration. When UNESCO was caught weaponizing world heritage funding against Israel, Trump cut all funding to there as well. A UN body dedicated to preserving world heritage sites shouldn’t be anti-Israel (but it was). Trump also went after the United Nations’ General Fund, ordering them to fix corruption and mismanagement before the United States would submit its annual donation.

But the biggest cut came to the UN’s Paris Climate Agreement. President Trump refused to go along with this wealth redistribution scheme and blocked 2 Billion in promised donations from going to the UN.

Across the board, Trump honored his promise to put America First.

Well, Joe Biden is honoring his promise to put America Last by restoring all of the funding that Trump cut…

Don’t let Biden fund our enemies! Please, you must send your instant FaxBlast to Congress right now and ORDER them to suspend and rescind all of Joe Biden’s anti-American foreign aid disbursements… or else!

Joe Biden is undoing it all. Not because it makes sense… Not because it is in the United States’ best interest… He is doing it because his globalist puppet masters demand it.

Just this week, as Biden’s handlers handed him a pile of executive orders to sign, Joe Biden was caught on camera saying that he didn’t know what he was signing. If you listen carefully, you can hear one of the handlers off camera tell him to ‘just sign it.’ This is what the Presidency has become. Joe Biden is a PINO – President in Name Only.

This is absolute madness. This new President is funneling American tax dollars to anti-American organizations… and he doesn’t even know what or why he’s doing it.

The Founders knew a day like this would come. Granted, I don’t think they ever expected an incoming President to be so mentally deficient or to literally sign things he hadn’t even read… But they did foresee a time when a President would commit funding to causes that are against our national interest.

That is why the Founders gave Congress the ultimate power of the purse. When a President is engaged in policy that is detrimental to the United States, Congress can rein it in by cutting off the funding.

Democrats control Congress by the thinnest of majorities: six in the House and just one in the Senate. Already, Democrats are starting to hear from their constituents over this and they are starting to become fearful.

It can take some time for foreign aid funding to be disbursed. We can still stop this, but we have to act now!

Stop Biden’s America Last agenda before it’s too late! Please, send your instant FaxBlast to Congress right now and ORDER them to suspend and rescind all of Joe Biden’s anti-American foreign aid disbursements… or else!

In his first week, Joe Biden has shown just how much he hates Americans and how much he is beholden to foreign interests. By cancelling the Keystone XL Pipeline and the border wall construction, Joe Biden destroyed over 51,000 jobs with just two strokes of the pen… His follow up executive order suspending all oil and gas leases on Federal lands is predicted to kill tens of thousands of jobs as well.

Americans lucky enough to still have a job are now being told that their tax dollars will be funneled overseas to help foreign countries and organizations who are as anti-American as it gets… Joe Biden is dedicated to putting America Last.

It doesn’t have to be this way… The House and Senate are already preparing a massive spending bill that they intend to pass using the budget reconciliation process. This is our chance to claw back the foreign aid funding that Joe Biden is sending overseas before it can be given to our enemies.

But you have to act fast if you want to stop it! Quick, you must send your instant FaxBlast to Congress right now and ORDER them to suspend and rescind all of Joe Biden’s anti-American foreign aid disbursements… or else!

Fight for America First!

Max McGuire
Conservative Daily


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Max McGuire