What did they think was going to happen? I mean, honestly: Did they think they would be able to certify the fraud and nothing would happen?

Yesterday, we witnessed what happens when Conservatives truly have enough. For years, we have been vilified, slandered, and demeaned. This year, we have had our livelihoods stolen, our rights squashed, and our liberties rescinded.

We watched the election stolen, right in front of our eyes. And all we ever asked was that Congress look into it and block potentially fraudulent votes from being certified until they do…

I have said from the start that the odds of objecting to the results and blocking them from being certified were always going to be slim. There were simply too many Republicans and Democrats eager to close the book on the Trump Presidency. But what we hoped would happen was that conservatives would finally get their day to lay out the voter fraud facts and enter them into the record. We hoped that by objecting, the evidence of fraud would get presented to the American people and archived in the Library of Congress.

All we wanted was for Republicans and Democrats to stand up and say, “yes, your voice matters and we will look into it.”

It looked like we were going to get that yesterday. There was a Senator attached to all 6 state objections and Conservatives were ready to present their evidence. Then, it started unraveling.

Don’t let the GOP get away with this! Join today’s FaxBlast campaign and tell Congress that they will NOT get away with betraying the American people like this!

Then, Mike Pence dropped the bombshell. He refused to play any active role in the proceedings whatsoever and committed to simply saying whatever the House Parliamentarian handed to him on a sheet of paper. It was betrayal number one.

Then, when the first objection was heard and the House and Senate went back to their respective chambers, we watched as the Senate leadership refused to allow the evidence to be presented. Mitch McConnell monopolized the time and called on RINO after RINO to give speeches explaining why they refused to even investigate the fraud. That was betrayal number two.

Shortly thereafter, protesters forced their way into the United States Capitol. Much like a dog chasing a garbage truck, once the crowd actually got inside, most didn’t know what to do. Instead of rioting or looting, most of them took the opportunity to take pictures and sightsee. To put it in perspective, the people that the media is calling “terrorists” made sure that they stayed inside the velvet ropes when they walked through Statuary Hall… They took selfies with police officers and when the tear gas started going off, they walked out of the building single-file. Yes, there were bad actors in there, but to borrow a term popularized by the Left, it was a mostly peaceful protest. Tragically, four people died in and around the Capitol, including Air Force Veteran Ashli Babbit, who was shot in the neck and killed for trying to gain entry to one of the hallways. Despite the fake news claiming that the protesters were armed and firing shots, the only shot fired came from the officer who shot Ashli Babbit from just three feet away…

When the Capitol was cleared, the Congressmen and Senators re-entered the chambers and decided to stab Conservatives in the back again. McConnell refused to allow evidence to actually be presented during the debate time and the Senators who had swore to challenge the fraud declared that they were no longer going to do so… Kelly Loeffler went to the mic and instead of presenting the evidence of fraud, said that she “could not in good conscience” object any longer…

Ultimately, only Ted Cruz and Josh Hawley stuck to their guns and objected to the fraud. The rest of the GOP Senators withdrew their names from the objections. Leftists cheered as Conservative Congressmen were forced to admit that they no longer had a Senate Co-Sponsor for objections to GA, MI, WI, or NV…

Then, at 3:40 AM, Mike Pence certified Joe Biden and Kamala Harris as the winners. Much like the election itself, they waited until after everyone was sleeping so they wouldn’t be awake to witness the betrayal…

Now, the GOP is telling us all to sit down, shut up, and fall in line. Traitors like Mitt Romney and Lindsey Graham (who said last night he was “done” with Trump) are telling us it is time to cooperate with the Democrats on Biden’s agenda, such as amnesty, gun control, more foreign aid, and confirming leftist judges…

They think that they will be able to outlast your anger. They think that by the time their name is on the ballot again, you’ll forget about that time they stabbed you in the back and handed the Republic over to Joe Biden on a silver platter… It is up to all of us to prove them wrong.

We will continue to investigate and cover the evidence of fraud. We will continue to fight against the GOPers who would rather surrender to the Left than govern as conservatives…

Today, our message to the cowards in Congress is simple: We saw what you did and you will not get away with it!

Give Congress a piece of your mind! Please, join today’s FaxBlast campaign and tell Congress right now that they will NOT get away with betraying the American people like this!

The fight is not over,


Max McGuire
Conservative Daily


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Max McGuire