Today is the day. The United States Congress will meet for a joint session and count the Electoral College ballots. 

And just as we predicted, we are getting stabbed in the back by the Establishment Republicans!

Time's up! You need to send your urgent FaxBlast to Congress right now and DEMAND that they object to every single fraudulent state and STOP the fraud from being certified, by any means necessary!

Yesterday, we reported that despite 12 Senators announcing that they will object to the election, the only Senator who had actually signed onto one of the challenges was Josh Hawley, and he was limiting his objection to just Pennsylvania.

Well, after we called out Cruz and his group of 11 other Senators, he made an announcement. Cruz announced that he would sign onto the objection for Arizona. Another Senator plans to object to Georgia. 

But as of right now, no Senator plans to object to the results from Wisconsin, Michigan, or Nevada. Like always, the GOP is doing the bare minimum necessary to look like they are fighting without actually having to risk succeeding…

The argument for why Senators aren't objecting to Wisconsin is stunning. The Electoral College votes are read by state, alphabetically. Since Wisconsin will come towards the end, the GOP is now saying it will be too late to challenge Wisconsin. They are claiming that once Vermont is counted, Joe Biden will get put at 271 Electoral Votes and there is no need to challenge Wisconsin (since it wouldn't drag him below 270).

Think about that. The GOP is building their entire strategy around the assumption that Joe Biden will win anyway. They would rather allow the fraud in Wisconsin to go unchallenged than waste their time objecting to the results…

The GOP is going through the motions. Just look at what happened in Georgia last night. We knew what the Democrats were going to do to steal it, and the Republican Party did nothing to stop it. 

There were hours last night where not a single GOP challenger was present in the room where ballots were being counted and adjudicated in Fulton County. We let the criminals like Ruby Freeman do it again: count and adjudicate ballots with zero oversight. We also saw Dekalb County just stop counting in the middle of the night. Just like last time, it looks like they stopped counting to figure out how many ballots they needed to come out ahead. And no surprise, in GOP areas, the Dominion Voting Systems machines went down, forcing voters to leave without scanning their ballots (and trust that election officials would do it for them when the machines came back online). 

The GOP got what they deserved. I'm sorry, when you have all of the evidence of fraud laid out in front of the GOP and they deliberately choose to do nothing, they get what they deserve when the race is stolen again. They refused to secure the election after the race was stolen in Georgia, so Democrats ran the same exact plays and stole two more Senate seats.

The GOP stabbed Georgians in the back. Now, they are coming to finish the job and stab YOU in the back by only objecting to half of the states!

Time's up! You must send your urgent FaxBlast to Congress right now and DEMAND that they object to every single fraudulent state and STOP the fraud from being certified, by any means necessary!

This isn't a game. What happens today will decide the future of our Republic and, as a result, the future of the world.

We can still win this thing, but only if you get LOUD right now!

There are hundreds of thousands of Patriots in DC, right now, putting pressure on these cowards to do the right thing. Ultimately, however, Capitol Hill Security is blocking them from going inside Congress.

That is where our FaxBlasts come in. With just a click of a button, our system can send a FaxBlast to every single Member of Congress, forcing their offices to print out and read the message. They can ignore the phone calls and emails, but the FaxBlasts need to be printed out.

I want to take over their fax system. I want to send so many FaxBlasts to Congress today, that their printers never stop printing. But I need your help to do it!

Please, join our urgent FaxBlast campaign today and fight for the Republic!

Time's up! Please, send your urgent FaxBlast to Congress before it's too late and DEMAND that they object to every single fraudulent state and STOP the fraud from being certified, by any means necessary!

Now or Never,

Max McGuire
Conservative Daily


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Max McGuire