It is no longer a question of whether or not electronic voting systems incorrectly tallied results. We know that has happened in places like Antrim County, Michigan. The questions left are how widespread were “glitches,” why did they occur, and were they intentional or unintentional? 

Conservatives and Democrats have long warned that electronic voting could allow malicious actors or glitches to influence the results of close elections.

Unfortunately, it appears that our fears were correct. Electronic voting systems – especially those produced by Dominion Voting Systems – not only experience unexpected downtime on election day, but are now being investigated for “glitches” that resulted in vote tallies being wildly inaccurate.

In Michigan, we have seen “glitches” blamed for flipped vote tallies. Meaning, the unofficial results made it appear that a Democrat candidate had won but after a manual recanvas of the vote, the results flipped back to showing a Republican winning.

The Michigan State Legislature has already subpoenaed documents from Dominion Voting Systems to allow a joint committee to investigate discrepancies and allegations that software “glitches” resulted in altered vote totals.

We are hearing similar reports out of Georgia, with state officials preparing for a manual recount to ensure that Dominion’s tabulation systems did not result in altered vote tallies. Dominion is claiming that the discrepancies resulted from an unexpected software update.

Marcia Ridley, the elections supervisor for Spalding County, Georgia, reported that their Dominion machines went offline for hours on election day after the company “uploaded something last night, which is not normal, and it caused a glitch.”

Spalding County is a solidly Republican county. Donald Trump won with 59.88 percent of the vote. But we saw this “glitch” happen in so many red counties on election day, leading many of the people who were waiting on line to give up and go home. In a state like Georgia, where Joe Biden is now ahead* by 0.2%, every vote lost matters…

We have seen individual state legislatures begin the process of investigating whether Dominion and other electronic voting companies influenced the election results, either intentionally or unintentionally. But that process will take a long time and since these electronic voting machine manufacturers are national companies, state legislatures will not have jurisdiction to investigate anything that happens outside of their state’s borders…

Only Congress can launch a nationwide investigation into these electronic voting systems and only YOU can demand it!

Don’t let Dominion and other tech companies steal the election! Send your urgent FaxBlast to Congress and DEMAND a full investigation into Dominion Voting Systems and other electronic voting companies before it’s too late!

This never used to be controversial. Democrats used to be very worried about electronic voting because machines can be manipulated remotely to change vote tallies. Rep. Zoe Lofgren (D-CA) held numerous hearings on Dominion Voting Systems and electronic voting as a whole, warning that as long as it is possible for electronic voting machines to connect to the internet, fraud will always be possible.

Amazingly, now that the mainstream media has declared Joe Biden President-Elect*, all of those electronic voting skeptics have gone noticeably quiet. The Democrat Party is, and always has been, an “Ends Justify The Means” party. Whatever it takes to get they’re way, they are willing to do it. Of course they are now ignoring reports of “glitches” in electronic voting systems or incorrect tallies.

We have done a deep dive into Dominion, as we covered on our podcast yesterday (we are now the #65 ranked political podcast in America!). As part of our attempts to investigate Antifa in Colorado, I have been logging onto Antifa “conference calls” (for lack of a better word). A few weeks ago, I was on one of those calls and heard a man named Eric Coomer, an executive at Dominion Voting Systems, reassure other leftists on the call that Trump could not win because he ‘made sure of it.’ As we investigated Coomer further, we found that he was rabidly anti-Trump and emphatically pro-Antifa. Not only was he rooting for Trump to lose, but he also wanted it to be by a huge margin so there would be “no recounts.”

If you were in charge of digital security for an electronic voting company, you would think he would want a recount so his company could show how accurate their tallying was. But no, Eric Coomer posted on Facebook that wide margins and no recount was “from a professional standpoint, it’s [his] one and only hope.”

When you factor in that Dominion Voting Systems also partners with the Clinton Foundation, these are just too many red flags to ignore… We are going to continue investigating this, but we need Congress to take the lead and launch a nationwide investigation not only into Dominion Voting Systems, but into electronic voting and tabulating as a whole.

But we are running out of time to force the investigation and only you can force Congress to do it!

Don’t let Dominion and other tech companies steal the election! Send your urgent FaxBlast to Congress and DEMAND a full investigation into Dominion Voting Systems and other electronic voting companies before it’s too late!

If Joe Biden won legitimately, then he is the next President of the United States. But there are far too many irregularities and “glitches” to ignore, and they all point to voter fraud.

We are already seeing so-called “fact checkers” declare that it is “fake news” to even suggest that glitches or hacking could have influenced election results by causing the discrepancies that we are seeing. But when you actually read the “fact checks,” they are completely devoid of facts. These “reporters” simply called up Dominion Voting Systems and asked if they hacked into voting machines. When the reps say “No,” these “reporters” declare that anyone else who disagrees or even questions the official narrative is peddling “fake news.”

Well, we will not bow down to their demands. We will not police our speech, simply because silicon valley or the mainstream media demand that we self-censor. We will continue to dig deeper into all of this.

But we can’t do it alone. We need Congress to exercise its national investigative powers, subpoena these tech companies, and launch a full investigation into these troubling claims.

And it has to happen NOW! States have already begun the process of certifying the election results. If we do not stop this steal, it will be too late!

Don’t let Dominion and other tech companies steal the election! Quick, you must send your urgent FaxBlast to Congress and DEMAND a full investigation into Dominion Voting Systems and other electronic voting companies before it’s too late!


Joe Otto
Conservative Daily


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