The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives (ATF) just announced that it is redefining a pistol that was approved during the Obama years, turning untold numbers of gun owners into felons over night.

But before we get into this radical new ruling, I need to explain how we got there. Back in 2013, Alex Bosco invented a firearm accessory known as the SB-15. It was designed to go on the back of a pistol to allow disabled Americans to better fire a handgun one-handed. The SB-15 wraps around a shooter's forearm to make it easier to hold up the weight of a pistol.

It was designed specifically for disabled veterans coming back from Iraq and Afghanistan. Alex Bosco wanted to help soldiers with disabilities re-enter the shooting sports.

The next thing you need to know is that our gun laws are stupid. It is legal to own a pistol. A pistol is defined as a short barreled weapon designed to be fired one-handed. It is also legal to own a rifle, which is defined as a long-barreled weapon designed to be fired from the shoulder. But if you put a butt-stock on a pistol, that transforms the gun into short-barreled rifle, which requires a special tax and permission to own it from the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives.

Bosco had to submit his design to the ATF for them to verify that it was not a butt stock. After a long deliberation, the ATF concluded that the SB-15 arm brace was NOT a butt stock and could be added to a pistol without turning it into an illegal short-barreled rifle.

Other companies came out with their own competing designs. One of those companies was Q, LLC, which released a pistol they called the Honey Badger. Even though they have paperwork from the ATF verifying that their gun is legal to sell, the ATF just abruptly changed its mind and reclassified the gun as a short-barreled rifle.

Everyone who owns this gun is now a felon unless they disassemble it. Then, they will have to decide whether to never use it again or pay the ATF 200 to register it as a rifle instead.

Considering the fact that this order came down while Trump was in the hospital, I doubt that it was at his direction. But it is astonishing that for the second time, a gun that was legal under Obama is now banned under Trump…

The concern, however, is much bigger than just one manufacturer's firearm. There are millions of Americans who own pistols equipped with arm braces. This ATF ruling now puts all of us in jeopardy of being turned into felons overnight!

Please, we urgently need your help! Join today's campaign and tell Congress right now that they must STOP the ATF from pushing through their new gun ban and turning hundreds of thousands of law-abiding Americans into felons!

There are hundreds of thousands, if not millions of Americans with arm braces on their pistols. Congressman Matt Gaetz (R-FL) is warning that this ruling is about to be imposed nationwide, revoking pro-gun ruling from the Obama ATF and turning all of these Americans into felons overnight.

I own one of these braces. Not because I am disabled, but because it makes it easier to safely and accurately fire one of my heavier pistols one-handed. I have a letter signed by the head of the ATF's technology branch under the Obama administration stating that it is legal for me to own this pistol.

But the ATF is doing a complete 180° turn and changing its mind. They don't care that this new gun control order is going to turn countless Americans into felons overnight. They don't care that the only way to avoid prison would be to literally disassemble a pistol. In fact, that is their end goal.

Two months ago, we warned you this was coming. Rep. Gaetz warned that the ATF was engaging in "secret determinations which call into question the legality of firearms owned by millions of law-abiding Americans."

This is what we were talking about. The Supreme Court has ruled that Americans have a constitutional right to own a handgun. We got that ruling after the Supreme Court overturned a DC law that required gun owners to disassemble their handguns when not in use. Now, the ATF is threatening to throw gun owners in jail unless they disassemble their handguns…

We have a long history of putting a stop to these unconstitutional ATF gun grabs. When Obama tried to ban some of the most popular ammunition in America by executive fiat simply because it contained steel in the bullet, we rallied Conservatives and pressured Congress to put a stop to it. It worked. The ATF backed down.

When Obama tried to redefine environmental regulations to make it illegal to fire lead ammunition on public lands, we rallied Conservatives to fight back and Congress shut it down.

When Obama ordered the Social Security Administration to disarm any beneficiary who checked a box giving a family member permission to access their benefits accounts, we forced Congress not only to overturn it, but to make it illegal for any President to ever try it again.

And now, we have to fight back again and we need your help!

Please, we urgently need your help! Join today's campaign and tell Congress right now that they must STOP the ATF from pushing through their new gun ban and turning hundreds of thousands of law-abiding Americans into felons!

It is insane that we have been fighting a 5+ year battle over the legality of a device designed to help disabled military veterans get back into the shooting sports.

Just think about that for a second. These men and women served and literally sacrificed limbs for their country. They get back to the United States and purchase an arm brace designed to help them hold and balance heavier handguns one-handed. Now, after owning and using these devices legally for years, the ATF is back to try to turn them into felons again.

This is no way to live. Government bureaucrats should not be allowed to just arbitrarily decide whether a particular gun is legal or not, and they certainly shouldn't be allowed to change their mind four times in less than eight years…

The good news is that Rep. Gaetz blew the whistle before the ATF had a chance to publish the new rules. That means there is still time left to stop this, but the window is closing…

You need to stand up and fight right now before it's too late!

Please, we urgently need your help! Join today's campaign and tell Congress right now that they must STOP the ATF from pushing through their new gun ban and turning hundreds of thousands of law-abiding Americans into felons!

Stop them now!

Max McGuire
Conservative Daily


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