We messed up. Yesterday, we accidentally sent out a draft version of this call to action email, without any link to allow you to join the day’s faxblast campaign. We are re-running the email today, in its entirety. The good news is that the GOP has not caved yet, so there is still time to stop them! (Picture unrelated to title)

For 68 days, Nancy Pelosi has played politics with American lives and livelihoods. Republicans have introduced bill after bill to help American families and businesses who continue to struggle as a result of Democrat-caused economic lockdowns.

The virus didn’t cause record high unemployment. The virus didn’t force companies out of business. Local and state politicians did that, and most of them were Democrats.

Just look at what is happening in New York. Governor Andrew Cuomo just announced he was reimposing FULL lockdown measures on 9 zip codes. The reason? Cuomo is targeting these areas because more than 3% of tests are coming back positive. There are 47 zip codes in Brooklyn. Cuomo just shut down six of them, and they aren’t even all touching. All schools in these zip codes will be forced to close, forcing parents to scramble to find childcare (or leave their jobs to do it themselves).  All businesses will be forced to close indefinitely, forcing even more companies out of business.

This is so arbitrary that there will be streets in New York where businesses on one side of the road will be allowed to stay open, but businesses on the other side will be required to close. The virus doesn’t understand postal codes. It is bad enough that this tyrant is enacting another total lockdown, but it is absolutely ludicrous that he is doing it by zip code.

I mention this because all summer, Democrats promised states like New York and California that no matter what they did, they would receive a federal bailout. Nancy Pelosi is now advancing legislation that would give cities and states close to a TRILLION in unrestricted, no-strings-attached bailout funding for them to use however they want!

You CANNOT let this radical bill pass!

Don’t let the GOP surrender to Nancy Pelosi’s liberal state bailout demands! Send your instant FaxBlast to Congress right now and force Republicans and Democrats alike to KILL Pelosi’s radical bill!

Pelosi wants to use Trump’s diagnosis to push this radical bill through. And yes, her coronavirus relief “compromise” bill is very, very radical.

It would include government-funded healthcare for illegal aliens. With just 30-days before the election, it would open the floodgates for ballot harvesting and revoke state-level voter ID laws. It would free convicted criminals from prison. It would provide extra funding for marijuana businesses.

But the most radical part of the bill is the fact that it would provide almost a Trillion in unrestricted funding for cities and states. The GOP introduced an amendment, saying that cities and states could only use funds for budget issues created after the pandemic broke out. Any budget shortfall predating the pandemic, however, would be unapproved.

Democrats rejected the offer and insisted that states be allowed to use the funding for non-pandemic budget items. The GOP called their bluff and they got caught. Democrats have been using the pandemic as an excuse to push through their radical un-related agenda.

California would be allowed to use the funds to bailout illegal aliens. New York would be allowed to use the funds to defend against an NRA lawsuit. Illinois would be able to use the funding to bailout their public sector unions’ pension programs. This is what “no-strings-attached means.” Amazingly, one of the only restrictions in the bill is that cities and states can’t use the funding for policing…

American families need help. Businesses need help. But Nancy Pelosi is more interested in bailing out Leftist-run cities and states. It is despicable.

But the GOP is eager to make a “compromise.” With President Trump now out of the hospital Republicans really want to be able to claim victory by breaking the deadlock and passing a relief bill.

But you CANNOT let them give Nancy Pelosi what she wants!

Don’t let the GOP surrender to Nancy Pelosi’s liberal state bailout demands! Send your instant FaxBlast to Congress right now and force Republicans and Democrats alike to KILL Pelosi’s radical bill!

As I mentioned, this city and state bailout plan is the most radical part of the bill, but there are other terrible provisions that cannot be allowed to become law. Healthcare for illegal aliens… police funding revoked… an end to voter ID…

This is not a compromise. If the GOP agrees to these terms, it would be a SURRENDER! And instead of giving the funding to American families and businesses in need, the bulk of it would go to mayors and governors to use as they see fit. You and I both know that small businesses would receive little, if any of that funding. When Oregon received CARES Act funding for small business protections earlier this year, they decided to only provide it to minority-owned businesses.

We can stop the Leftists from pushing this radical bill through, but only if you rise up and stop the GOP from surrendering!


Max McGuire
Advocacy Director
Conservative Daily


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Max McGuire