I want to tell you about the Warnsholz family. Jordan Warnsholz is a physician in Michigan who is currently suing MI Governor Gretchen Whitmer for her tyrannical COVID-19 lockdown policies. After filing his lawsuit, Warnsholz has seen multiple parts of the state government weaponized against him.

Warnsholz reports that a warning he received from a game warden almost three years ago (for not immediately putting a tag on a harvested deer) had been upgraded to a criminal arrest warrant. Instead of simply fining him, some Department of Natural Resources official decided to dig into his file and throw the book at him (which would have included the confiscation of his firearms).

Then, the State of Michigan labeled his medical practice as providing “substandard care” because of a “failure to update mailing address.” He says that the government employee backdated the strike on his medical license to 1/22/19 in an attempt to cover up their actions. The State then opened up an investigation into whether Warnsholz was practicing medicine under the influence of marijuana, something he says is completely ludicrous. They sent inspectors to his office to interrogate nurses and staff about whether he ever showed up drunk or high. Then, this month, Warnsholz was notified he was being audited.

But the worst part is that the tyrants in the Witmer administration didn’t stop there. On August 27, the State of Michigan ordered Child Protective Services to perform an “emergency welfare check” and interrogate all three of his children. The reasoning they used? “Dangerous weapons in the home.” Jordan Warnsholz had to cancel his patients’ appointments to race home and be there while CPS officials inspected his home and interrogated his children.

That last bit is truly terrifying. The attacks against Mr. Warnsholz’s business are obviously terrible. But the state truly crossed a line when they sent government officials into his home.

But we have seen intimidation like this around the country. Tyrannical local and state politicians have sent officials into people’s home to intimidate them and force them to comply with their edicts.

And now, Congress is close to a “compromise” that would send states unlimited funding to support their intimidation practices!

Quick, we need you to send an instant FaxBlast to Congress right now and order them to KILL H.R.6666 and stop it from becoming law… or else!

We have covered this bill in the past. It is called H.R.6666, the COVID-19 Testing, Reaching, and Contacting Everyone (TRACE) Act. It would grant federal grants to cities and states to fund contact tracing, testing and quarantine enforcement “at individuals’ residences.”

Democrats are promising that this bill will not violate anyone’s privacy rights, but it is literally a piece of legislation designed to help state and local officials force their way into people’s homes… It would give cities and states 100 billion in funding for Fiscal Year 2020, but since the government’s fiscal year ends at the end of September, the funding award for Fiscal Year 2021 is much more dangerous: “such sums as may be necessary.” This bill literally gives tyrannical leaders like Whitmer unlimited funds to send government officials into people’s homes in the name of fighting the coronavirus…

The only question left is whether or not you trust state and local politicians with this power. I know I sure don’t!

In Oregon, a salon owner named Lindsey Graham (no relation to the Senator) had Child Protective Services called on her after she defied her state’s lockdown and re-opened her hair salon early. They sent government officials into her home to interrogate her children and inspect the premises (they even looked under toilet seats and in the refrigerator).

In Los Angeles, Mayor Eric Garcetti was furious that homes in the hills were having house parties. Police ended up being dispatched, but there was nothing to cite them with except for noise violations. It is not a crime to invite people into your home… Garcetti then ordered city utility workers out to the home to shut off their access to the power grid or the water system. He did this during a heat wave, all in the name of Covid-19 social distancing.

New York City is also sending officials into hotels and apartments to enforce quarantine requirements, and threatening to fine and imprison anyone who refuses to shelter in place.

Cities and states are already sending government officials into people’s homes to terrorize them into submitting to their lockdown requirements. H.R.6666 would not only reimburse the tyranny we have seen this year, but it would give them a literal blank check to continue doing it in the next year.

Here is the bad news: Republicans aren’t fighting against it. As they negotiate with Democrats over the next round of coronavirus relief, they are not putting up a fight when it comes to H.R.6666. That is actually one of the “compromise” measures that GOPers are supporting.

You CANNOT allow them to push this bill through!

Quick, we need you to send an instant FaxBlast to Congress right now and order them to KILL H.R.6666 and stop it from becoming law… or else!

The Founding Fathers were clear that Americans’ rights were inalienable. But they went to great lengths to add extra protections for when people are inside their homes.

The 1st Amendment gives you the right to pray in your home without interruption. The 2nd Amendment protects your right to defend your home. The 3rd Amendment prohibits the government from quartering troops in your home. And the 4th Amendment prohibits government officials from forcibly entering your home without a warrant.

The Founding Fathers knew far too well what it felt like to live under tyranny. The first four amendments are designed to ensure no American ever experiences what they went through under King George.

Which is why H.R.6666 is so dangerous. This legislation sidesteps your right to privacy within your home and would give cities and states unlimited funding to send government officials into your home to enforce their coronavirus restrictions.

This is not “fake news.” The TRACE Act literally gives city and state governments funding to “trace and monitor the contacts of infected individuals, and to support the quarantine of such contacts, through (1) mobile health units; and (2) as necessary, testing individuals and providing individuals with services related to testing and quarantine at their residences.” That is a direct quote.

And the Republicans aren’t only letting it pass, they are actually promoting it as a “compromise.”

The bill is still picking up co-sponsors. Just yesterday, Rep. Barbara Lee (D-CA) signed onto the bill, proving that Democrats anticipate bringing it to the floor soon.

This is not a drill. I need you to join our campaign today and help KILL H.R.6666 before the Democrats and GOPers can push it through. I am calling on all Conservatives to rise up right now and help put a stop to this surrender before it is too late!

We can’t do this without your help!

Quick, we need you to send an instant FaxBlast to Congress right now and order them to KILL H.R.6666 and stop it from becoming law… or else!

We need you to rise up right now!

Max McGuire
Advocacy to Action
Conservative Daily


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