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Back in May, Democrats pushed a bill through the House of Representatives that they called the “Heroes Act.” The Left loves to do this. They add a friendly name to a radical bill, hoping that it will help the legislation sail through Congress.

It was named the “Heroes Act” because a small part of the bill dealt with increased pay and benefits for first responders, like police officers, who worked during the pandemic. Fast-forward a month and the Democrats were singing a very different tune. Instead of rewarding police officers, the Left now wants to defund the police.

But Nancy Pelosi is insistent on keeping the bill known as the Heroes Act. So, Democrats have been shifting their messaging to highlight the other “heroes” that the massive bill would help. They are focusing on firefighters, medical workers, and… illegal aliens.

Yes, that is right: the bill that Pelosi and the Democrats are demanding for the Republicans to cave and pass includes a MASSIVE bailout for illegal aliens and, yes, it includes “temporary” amnesty and protection from deportation!

Don’t let Pelosi and the GOP make Obama’s amnesty bill permanent! Send your instant FaxBlast to Congress and tell them you will remove any Congressman or Senator who dares vote for this amnesty plan!

Liberal “fact checkers” are refuting that the bill gives out amnesty since the protections would only be temporary (90 days after the Chinese Virus state of emergency ends). But the fact is that this is a form of amnesty. We define amnesty as any government program that forgives illegal aliens and rewards them with work permits, residency permission, or any other government benefits. Under the amendment that Pelosi snuck into the bill, illegal aliens would be allowed to continue working in the United States illegally and would be protected from deportation. That is the definition of amnesty…

“Millions of immigrants, including more than 200,000 [illegal alien] DACA-recipients, are risking their lives to save lives on the frontline of the pandemic,” Pelosi claimed, without evidence. “They deserve and have earned our support as they sacrificed for our country.”

The numbers prove that Nancy Pelosi is lying. Barack Obama’s amnesty executive order covered 690k illegal aliens. Recent data from before the pandemic suggested that 45 percent of those amnestied illegal aliens did not have jobs, either because they were unemployed or in school. That leaves approximately 380,000 illegal aliens who were working when just before the China Virus reached our shores.

Without any evidence to support it, Nancy Pelosi is claiming that more than half of all illegal aliens in Obama’s amnesty executive order are “frontline heroes” in the pandemic and deserve more pay, benefits, and protection from deportation. This is insane and provably false.

And yet, Democrats are advancing the lie anyway. They are demanding that the Republicans cave to their demands and pass the so-called Heroes Act as-is.

You CANNOT allow this to happen!

Don’t let Pelosi and the GOP make Obama’s amnesty bill permanent! Send your instant FaxBlast to Congress and tell them you will remove any Congressman or Senator who dares vote for this amnesty plan!

For the past couple weeks, we have been highlighting the worst aspects of the Heroes Act and rallying Conservatives to put pressure on Congress to stop the GOP from caving. We have highlighted how the Heroes Act would help Democrats steal the election, how the bill would increase unemployment benefits through the end of the year, hurting the economic recovery (and Trump’s re-election chances), and we have even covered how the legislation mentions the word “cannabis” (marijuana) more than it mentions the word “job.” Whenever we flip through the 1,600 page bill, we find more crazy Democrat funding projects, such as 50 million in funding to study “climate justice” (the idea that the weather is racist). But as stupid as some of their proposals are, they are dead serious about giving amnesty to hundreds of thousands, potentially even millions, of illegal aliens.

And here is the truly scary thing: the amnesty is written to make it potentially indefinite. If Joe Biden were to win in November (shudder), all he would have to do is keep the coronavirus emergency declaration going and hundreds of thousands of illegals would be able to continue living and working in the United States indefinitely. That is what the Democrats are hoping for.

And they are hoping that YOU won’t notice! They are hoping that you will be too preoccupied to notice that they are trying to sneak a massive amnesty package through under the guise of “coronavirus relief.”

Right now, these Leftists are holding millions of Americans hostage by refusing to pass a bill to extend the federal unemployment benefits unless the GOP caves to their demands. Think about that for a second… They are cutting off unemployment checks to millions of Americans to try to pressure the Republicans to agree to a massive amnesty plan. It is disgusting.

But what is worse is that the GOP is starting to cave. Mitch McConnell told President Trump to abandon his plan to extend unemployment by executive order because the GOP was getting closer to a “compromise” with the Left. Right now, Republicans are meeting with Democrats to negotiate over a final coronavirus relief bill.. and the GOP is being pressured to include this illegal alien amnesty.

You must fight back before they surrender completely!

Don’t let Pelosi and the GOP make Obama’s amnesty bill permanent! Quick, send your instant FaxBlast to Congress and tell them you will remove any Congressman or Senator who dares vote for this amnesty plan!

Stop them!

Joe Otto
Conservative Daily


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