Over the last three years, President Trump has cut hundreds of millions in United Nations funding. His administration has gone through the budget line by line and pulled the plug on the most anti-American programs that the UN was running.

The "Paris Climate Agreement" was a redistribution scheme designed to steal billions from America so the UN could give it to other countries. The UN Migration Pact, which Obama signed us onto, was nothing but a way to force the United States to accept unvetted refugees and illegal aliens into our country. The UN Human Rights Council, despite its name, has cared little about human rights violations and has dedicated most of its time to investigating the United States and Israel. And when Trump caught Palestine in a lie — claiming that they needed assistance, only to quietly give pensions to the families of killed or imprisoned terrorists — Trump cut off hundreds of millions in Palestinian aid.

Trump cut the funding to ALL of it. Then, when the World Health Organization (which is part of the UN) was caught covering up for China, Trump cut all funding from the WHO as well.

When you add it all up, the President has likely saved the American taxpayer well over a billion that the UN would have tried to use against us…

But all of that could be about to end. Congress is voting as early as TODAY on legislation to not only restore the United Nations funding that Trump cut, but to also increase it as well!

 Defund the United Nations now! Please, send your instant FaxBlast to Congress right now and force them to pass the American Sovereignty Restoration Act into law and pull the plug on the UN for good! 

Trump came into office with a simple promise to put America first. There is no doubt that there are foreign programs where it is in our interest to support them. But Congress doesn't approve a line-by-line spending bill. They send the United Nations two or three gigantic payments and allow the UN to do with it as they please.

It should come as no surprise that almost every cent the United Nations receives ends up being used against us…

Congressman Mike Rogers has a better idea. He has introduced H.R. 204, the American Sovereignty Restoration Act. Quite simply, it would cut off all funding to the United Nations. Congress would be free to pick and choose programs they want to support, but the United Nations would no longer receive billions from Congress on an annual basis.

Over the last week, the UN Secretary General has actually been demanding that the United States give them more funding. He wants us to contribute 10% of our GDP so that the United Nations can form a New Global Order. Yes, that comes out to just shy of 2 trillion…

But the Rogers bill would do the opposite. It would cut it all. The only funding that the State Department would be able to send to the UN would be to facilitate the withdrawal of our resources and personnel.

Amazingly, though, the legislation would do even more. It would take the UN soldiers training at our military bases and kick them OUT of the country. It would permanently sever the connection between the UN and the American military, meaning UN officials would never again be allowed to give orders to an American soldier. And last, but not least, it would revoke the diplomatic immunity that UN officials enjoy when they are on American soil.

This is common sense. May I remind you that the United Nations is still debating whether to launch a real intervention in the United States to combat "systemic racism." With all of the legitimate human rights violations going on around the world, the UN is debating whether to put their blue helmets on US soil…

This is what happens when we fund the UN. Your hard earned taxd ollars end up being used to chip away at our sovereignty and erode our rights.

No more!

 Don't let the Dems and GOP traitors increase the United Nations' funding! Please, send your instant FaxBlast to Congress right now and force them to pass the American Sovereignty Restoration Act into law and pull the plug on the UN for good! 

The debate over the State, Foreign Operations, and Related Programs Appropriations Act is continuing TODAY, with a vote likely coming tonight.

There is still time to remove the bill's language increasing the UN's funding, but only if you take action right now!

Stop the Dems and GOP traitors from increasing the UN's funding! Please, you must send your instant FaxBlast to Congress right now and force them to pass the American Sovereignty Restoration Act into law and pull the plug on the UN for good! 


Joe Otto
Conservative Daily


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