President Trump has been warning the Left for over a month: if they continue to riot and destroy American cities, and Democrat mayors refuse to enforce the law, he will have no choice but to send federal officers in ro restore order.

This past week, Trump made good on his promise. Rioters and looters have controlled the City of Portland, Oregon for five straight weeks. Instead of protecting the residents, the mayor has ordered police to stand down. For the longest time, it looked like the mob was going to get away with it.

But then the rioters made one key mistake: They started targeting a federal courthouse. The rioters graffitied the exterior walls, smashed windows, and even threw lit fireworks into the building. So, President sent federal officers into the city to protect federal property and restore order. The officers were a mix of Border Patrol agents and US Marshals. These agents immediately got to work arresting the rioters and looters. Democrats were FURIOUS.

Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler ordered federal agents to "stay in [their] buildings." The very next night, the rioters attacked the federal building and tried to barricade the officers inside (committing dozens of felonies in the process). More arrests were made and the Left howled even louder.

Now, Nancy Pelosi is promising to put a stop to it. Not the rioting. Oh no, she is okay with that going on for months and months. Pelosi is now promising to pull the plug on Trump's law enforcement operation — she called the agents Nazi "stormtroopers" — and force the agents to withdraw from Portland and other violent cities. And she has the power to do it!

Don't let the Left surrender American cities to the mob! Send your instant message to Congress and force them to KILL Nancy Pelosi's plan to force Trump to withdraw federal law enforcement officers!

This coming week, Congress is debating the Homeland Security Appropriations Act. This legislation governs how DHS can spend the funding it receives from Congress.

Nancy Pelosi is now promising to use that bill to force Trump to withdraw the officers from Portland and other cities.

Unfortunately, this will be relatively easy for Democrats to do. All they need is to attach an amendment clarifying that no appropriated funds can be used to for crowd control or local law enforcement within American cities.

This is how the Left initially blocked Trump from building the wall. It took the President a couple years, but he finally figured out a work-around to get around the funding restrictions that Democrats slipped into the DHS appropriations bill. But by that time, the damage was already done. Hundreds of thousands of illegal aliens were able to slip into the country before Trump found a way to bypass the restrictions.

We cannot afford to allow the Left to do the same with these riots!

The Left is howling because what President Trump is doing is working. For the first time in weeks, rioters in Portland, Oregon are actually being held accountable for their crimes. They are no longer being allowed to ransack the city. 

But as always seems to be the case, Republicans are siding with the Democrats. They would rather American cities burn than allow federal officers to restore the peace. We are hearing out of Mitt Romney's office that the Utah Senator is furious Trump has sent federal officers into American cities. Remember, Romney is one of the only Republicans to have actually marched in a BLM protest…

Democrats are confident that if they attach their amendment to the bill, Republicans will either support it or simply allow it to pass without a fight.

That is where you come in! It is up to you to stop Nancy Pelosi and the left from pulling the rug out from President Trump and forcing him to withdraw from overrun cities like Portland!

Don't let the Left surrender American cities to the mob! Send your instant message to Congress and force them to KILL Nancy Pelosi's plan to force Trump to withdraw federal law enforcement officers!

Hold the line!

Joe Otto
Conservative Daily


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