This is heartbreaking. Jessica Doty Whitaker (shown above) was walking in Indianapolis with her fiance when she got into an argument with “protesters” over whether it is racist to say “All Lives Matter.” The debate got heated, with the “protesters” actually drawing their weapons. Jessica’s fiance, Jose Ramirez, drew a handgun himself to prevent the two from being murdered right then and there. Remember, this is all over the fact that Jessica told this mob that “All Lives Matter,” a statement that is factually true.

Eventually, the two parties went their separate ways… or so they thought. The “protesters” weren’t willing to walk away. They set up an ambush for Jessica, hiding on a nearby bridge, and shot her dead when she passed by them.

Jessica Doty Whitaker was 24-years-old and a mother to a beautiful 3-year-old boy. Her fiance now has to raise the boy all alone.

All because she told a group of “protesters” that All Lives Matter. They killed her for saying All Lives Matter.

Not a peep about this yesterday from CNN, MSNBC, or even Fox News. This woman was killed by a BLM mob and the mainstream media stayed silent. But you know for a fact that if the roles were reversed, and a white person killed a black woman for saying “Black Lives Matter,” there would be wall-to-wall coverage and Indianapolis probably would have burned like Minneapolis…

When Nancy Pelosi was asked last week about “protesters” who break the law, such as when they illegally tear down statues, her response was that “people will do what they do.”

Just think about how disgusting a response that is…

Don’t let Nancy Pelosi and the spineless GOPers try to appease the mob! Send your instant FaxBlast to Congress and DEMAND that they kill Pelosi’s package to remove statues and paintings to erase our history!

Heinrich Heine was a German writer who lived from 1797-1856. His works were subject to intense government censorship, leading to his books actually being banned and burned. He famously wrote that “where they burn books, they will ultimately burn people as well.” Considering what Nazi Germany would do a century later, he was spot on with his warning.

The Germans had a word for this kind of book burning: säuberung, or cleansing. The Nazis’ goal was to cleanse society of any writing or works of art ran counter to Hitler’s vision for the Third Reich. And as Heine predicted, they didn’t stop at just burning books and destroying statues…

And as we are seeing today, the Black Lives Matter movement isn’t stopping at statues either…

In New Mexico, Steven Baca is being charged with battery and the unlawful carrying of a deadly weapon. Why? A mob was trying to tear down a statue in New Mexico last month and when he tried to stop them, he was attacked and beaten by multiple people. As he tried to retreat, a group of three or four began beating on him and dragged him to the ground. Only then did he draw his concealed weapon and fire it in self-defense. Prosecutors aren’t going after the “protesters” who tried to kill Baca. They are prosecuting him instead…

In St. Louis, Missouri, there is now a push to remove the statue of Louis IX, King of France, Catholic saint, and the city’s namesake. Since Louis IX led both the seventh and eighth crusades to take back the Holy Land, the Left wants to cancel him too.

Every night for the last two weeks, local Catholics have gathered at the statue to pray that it is not torn down. Just before Independence Day, a prayer group was physically attacked by the BLM mob. One of the BLM “protesters” knocked off a Catholic man’s hat, saw he was bald, and immediately started calling him a white supremacist (because he was bald). Three of the Catholics were attacked and beaten.

The prayer group has returned every night to say the rosary at the statue to pray for peace, unity, and that the statue of the saint be protected. But now, the mob is promising another attack against “white supremecists” who, in their mind, are only posing as devout Catholics. This is how stupid this whole thing has become…

But the threat of violence is real and as Nancy Pelosi said, “people will do what they do.”

Democrats are egging this on. What does a statue of King Louis IX have to do with a Minneapolis Police Officer kneeling on George Floyd’s neck? Absolutely nothing. Louis IX died 750 years ago…

But this week, Congressional Democrats are forcing a vote on a bill to remove hundreds of statues, paintings, and other “paraphernalia” that they find to be offensive. It has gotten so crazy that they now want to posthumously punish historical figures because they fought in the Confederate Army when they were 16 or 17 years old…

The Left is claiming that it is necessary to tear down these statues and paintings before the protests against them descend into violence. They egged on the violent mobs and now are trying to use them as an excuse to remove the statues…

We have to stop this, right here and now!

Don’t let Nancy Pelosi and the spineless GOPers try to appease the mob! Send your instant FaxBlast to Congress and DEMAND that they kill Pelosi’s package to remove statues and paintings to erase our history!

As I warned last week, the GOP is eager to “compromise” on this. They believe that if they give the Leftist mobs what they want, they will stop their protesting.

The GOP is made up of spineless idiots. You can’t appease these radicals. We are so far down the slippery slope that the mobs are trying to tear down a statue of a French King from the 13th century, and threatening to kill anyone who gets in their way… They will never be satisfied. If you give them an inch, they will take a mile.

And as we saw in Indianapolis, trying to appease these violent protesters can have fatal consequences…

We need your help to kill Pelosi and the Far Left’s anti-statue package right now!

Don’t let Nancy Pelosi and the spineless GOPers try to appease the mob! Send your instant FaxBlast to Congress and DEMAND that they kill Pelosi’s package to remove statues and paintings to erase our history!


Max McGuire
Advocacy Director
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