Oh boy, are we ruffling feathers right now… Earlier this week, we launched a FaxBlast to force Congress to put a stop to the United Nations intervening in our country. Democrats are not happy that we called attention to their little scheme.

Yes, that is actually what Leftists are demanding. The lawyers representing George Floyd's family, in collaboration with the ACLU, are pressuring the United Nations to "intervene" in the United States on human rights grounds.

Typically, United Nations interventions are reserved for gross human rights violations like genocide or ethnic cleansing. There were ten unarmed African Americans killed by police last year. The majority were deemed justified and the police officers determined to have broken the law have been indicted, or are currently being investigated. Every loss of life is tragic, but the idea that this justifies a human rights intervention from the UN is ludicrous.

And yet, Leftists are now actually calling for the United Nations to intervene in the United States. Just in the last 24 hours, UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres (shown above) gave United Nations staff the green light to begin participating and collaborating with "protesters" in the United States. UN officials will now be on the ground working with the radicals organizing these protests and riots.

Last night, UN "Human Rights Experts" also released a statement condemning the crackdowns against the riots and looting, threatening to take action against the US for attacking and arresting what they called "human rights defenders" on the ground. This is the first step towards a true UN intervention…

We don't have any time to waste. We MUST pull the plug on the United Nations right now!

Stop the United Nations from "intervening" in our domestic affairs! Send your urgent FaxBlast and DEMAND that Congress pass the American Sovereignty Restoration Act and cut off all UN funding before it is too late!

The United Nations has conducted training exercises on US soil for years, promising that they would never actually deploy 'blue helmets' on American soil.

Yet, that is what Leftists are calling for. That is what they mean when they say they want an "intervention." And I want to be absolutely clear that this is the language that the Floyd Family attorney used in his letter to the UN. He called for an "intervention."

And as I mentioned, the UN Secretary General just yesterday gave the green light for UN officials to begin participating in the protests taking place in American cities. While they won't be uniformed, UN boots are hitting the ground…

The only reason that the United Nations can even entertain this is because we give them upwards of 10 billion in "donations" every year. For years, they have used this funding to undermine our sovereignty. But this time, they have truly gone too far.

It is time to cut all of the United Nations' funding. All of it. Luckily, we already have a piece of legislation introduced that would do just that. Congressman Mike Rogers has introduced the American Sovereignty Restoration Act. This legislation would entirely pull the plug on all US contributions to the United Nations. If they want to intervene in the United States, they would have to do it without American taxpayer funding.

This is just common sense. We contribute approximately a quarter of the UN's budget. Why would we pay for the United Nations to intervene in our country?!

This bill is starting to pick up steam. But the only way we can get this passed is if we double down on our pressure campaign and FORCE the cowards in DC to pass it!

But we can't do that without your help. And we need your help right now!

Stop the United Nations from "intervening" in our domestic affairs! Quick, you must send your urgent FaxBlast and DEMAND that Congress pass the American Sovereignty Restoration Act and cut off all UN funding before it is too late!

Pull the plug!

Joe Otto
Conservative Daily


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