The Bible teaches us that in the end-times, the world will consolidate under a one-world government.

I doubt that we are in those end-times, but I am always extremely suspicious when I see globalists trying to fulfill that element of the prophecy.

It is no secret that I hate the United Nations. History has proven that every time we send funding to the United Nations, it ends up being used against us. The globalists want nothing more than to trample our rights and chip away at our sovereignty.

The United Nations has an annual operating budget of just over 5 billion. The United States pays the biggest chunk of that, well over a billion a year.

But now, the United Nations is saying that’s not good enough… The UN says that in order to beat the Chinese Coronavirus, they will need a lot more funding…

The UN is now saying that every country on earth will have to give them 10% of their entire GDP in order to beat the Coronavirus. Just to put that into perspective, the UN says that instead of getting 5.4 billion a year, they need over 8.7 TRILLION.

And of course, they want the United States to pay most of it…

Pull the plug on the UN! Send your instant message to Congress right now and FORCE them to pass the American Sovereignty Restoration Act and stop Leftists from sending the UN any more funding!

When I saw this, I assumed it had to have been an April Fools joke. Surely, it had to be some kind of a sick joke.

But that is exactly what the UN is demanding…

“Covid-19 is the greatest test that we have faced together since the formation of the United Nations,” Secretary General Guterres said this week. “This human crisis demands coordinated, decisive, inclusive and innovative policy action from the world’s leading economies — and maximum financial and technical support for the poorest and most vulnerable people and countries.”

The UN then called for implementation of a new IMF proposal to levy a 10% tax so that the United Nations could lead the recovery.

But notice what the Secretary General said. He specifically said that the “world’s leading economies” need to provide “maximum financial and technical support for the poorest.” Like so many other UN programs, this is nothing but a wealth redistribution scheme.

The UN’s Paris Climate Treaty was nothing but a redistribution scheme designed to transfer wealth from the United States to “poorer” countries like India and China. The “deal” that Obama had signed agreed to give billions to the UN, with us getting nothing in return.

But now, the UN is going for it all. They are trying to use the Chinese Coronavirus as an excuse to create the one-world government they have always dreamed about.

It is bad enough that the United States gives the UN 1 billion every year. But now, they are demanding we give them just shy of 2 TRILLION…

Pull the plug on the UN! Send your important message to Congress right now and FORCE them to pass the American Sovereignty Restoration Act and stop Leftists from sending the UN any more funding!

Remember, the Democrats delayed the stimulus package for a whole week to buy them time to negotiate for an increase in foreign aid. Democrats had wanted an extra billion in foreign aid, and Republicans “settled” for 760 million…

That included an extra 95 million for USAID, the agency that disburses American foreign aid. Want to know how USAID did with it? They sent about a quarter of it — 24.3 million — to the United Nations as an extra donation. It is so shameful…

Now, the UN wants more. They want us to give them 10% of everything we have…

And the traitorous Democrats are still trying to figure out a way to get them even more funding…

You MUST put a stop to this, once and for all!

The American Sovereignty Restoration Act, authored by Rep. Mike Rogers, would pull the plug on all UN funding. This bill would make it illegal to send them even a cent… It would pull out all Americans from UN facilities, suspend all diplomatic immunity for UN officials living in the United States, and make it illegal for UN officials to ever take command of American Armed Forces.

Now is the time to pull the plug on the United Nations!

Pull the plug on the UN! Send your urgent message to Congress right now and FORCE them to pass the American Sovereignty Restoration Act and stop Leftists from sending the UN any more funding!

Cut them off!

Joe Otto
Conservative Daily


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