When the Inspector General uncovered evidence that Deep State officials broke the law and lied to the FISA Court to be able to spy on the Trump campaign, we called for Congress to launch a full investigation and demanded that heads roll in the FBI and DOJ.

Now, the Inspector General is out with new findings. After realizing that FBI officials were breaking the law to illegally spy on Americans, Horowitz’s team began looking at other surveillance warrants to see how widespread the criminality was. The Inspector General’s office examined 29 other surveillance warrants and discovered that the FBI broke the law in each and every one of them.

We have been saying that if the Deep State was willing to break the law and violate the Constitution to spy on a Presidential candidate, imagine what they are doing to average Americans. Well, we don’t need to imagine any longer.

The Deep State is systematically violating the Constitution and illegally spying on innocent Americans. They are fabricating evidence and lying to the court to trick judges into approving these surveillance warrants.

However, for the last 19 days, these Deep State traitors have had their hands tied. Thanks to your activism, Congress did not reauthorize these FISA provisions before they expired on March 15th. For the first time in years, the Deep State has been blocked from illegally spying on innocent Americans. We are all more free as a result.

But all of that could be about to change. The DOJ is now pressuring Congress to re-authorize the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act and give them the ability to start spying on innocent Americans again.

You MUST stop them!

Don’t let the GOP and Dems vote to give back the Deep State’s power! Send your instant FaxBlast to Congress right now and force them to kill the FISA renewal bill… or else!

The DOJ is pressuring Pelosi and the Democrats to re-authorize FISA as-is.

“The Department [of Justice] made strong reforms to the FISA process, many of which are reflected in the House-passed reform legislation, that it believes will address the misconduct of the past,” a DOJ spokesperson proclaimed. “We urge the House to approve the Senate-passed temporary extension of the U.S. Freedom Act as soon as possible to avoid any further gap in our national security capabilities.”

This is one big lie. Every day, we learn more and more about the crimes committed by these Deep State conspirators. Now, the Inspector General is saying the criminality is much more widespread than anyone could have thought. Illegality was found in every single surveillance warrant that the Inspector General’s team has analyzed.

And the DOJ wants Congress to re-authorize their surveillance powers as-is, without any reform whatsoever, and just trust them to police themselves…

Absolutely not!

When the House held a vote on their FISA reauthorization bill (which the Senate refused to even consider), something surprising happened. More Democrats voted against the bill than Republicans. After everything we have learned over the past three years… after all of the crimes and constitutional violations that were uncovered… two-thirds of Republicans still voted to let the Deep State keep doing it!

And now, they are gearing up to do it again! You must put a stop to this betrayal before it’s too late!

Don’t let the GOP and Dems vote to give back the Deep State’s power! Send your instant FaxBlast to Congress right now and force them to kill the FISA renewal bill… or else!

Benjamin Franklin, in his wisdom, once said that any society that gives up liberty in exchange for security deserves neither.

When the Founders ratified the Constitution, they were clear that it was up to the American people to protect it. It is up to YOU to stand up and fight back. And that is precisely what you need to do right now!

Both the House and the Senate are negotiating a FISA renewal bill right now. They are working together to restore the Deep State’s power.

When governments turn despotic and take away their citizens’ rights, very rarely do people have an opportunity to peacefully get them back…

Our goal today is to bombard Congress with half a million FaxBlasts forcing them to stop this traitorous bill from passing, no matter what it takes.

FISA has officially lapsed. The hard part is over. Now, it is up to you to stop Congress from giving the Deep State its power back!

Don’t let the GOP and Dems vote to give back the Deep State’s power! Please, you must send your urgent FaxBlast to Congress right now and force them to kill the FISA renewal bill… or else!

You can stop them, but you have to fight back right now!

Joe Otto
Conservative Daily


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