The Los Angeles County Sheriff said this week that he was shutting down gun stores because — and this is not a joke — CDC research shows that having a gun inside the home increases your likelihood of being shot and Sheriff Villanueva (shown above) didn’t like the idea of so many first-time gun owners taking firearms home right now. That was the actual reason he used…

The Sheriff of Wake County, North Carolina, a man named Gerald Baker, issued an order this week declaring that his office would no longer be processing applications for pistol or carry permits. In North Carolina, you need a permit from the local sheriff before you are allowed to even buy a handgun. Baker’s excuse for suspending the 2nd Amendment? He believes that too many people are trying to buy guns right now.

In New Jersey, Governor Phil Murphy has ordered gun shops across the state to close down. And just in case any of them try to re-open, his office has ordered the State Police to stop processing firearm background checks. Since New Jersey has a “Universal Background Check” law on the books, that effectively makes it impossible for people to purchase firearms.

The Pennsylvania State Supreme Court tossed out a lawsuit and ruled that the Governor has every right to deem residents’ 2nd Amendment rights “non-essential” and force gun stores to close. After winning that lawsuit, though, Governor Tom Wolf reversed his order and allowed gun stores to re-open in a limited capacity.

I warned you that it was going to get worse, and that is exactly what happened. All around this country, state and local governments are using the Chinese Coronavirus as an excuse to suspend the 2nd Amendment.

Tens of millions of Americans now live in areas where their 2nd Amendment rights have either been reduced or eliminated all together by Sheriffs, Mayors, or Governors.

Past Congresses knew a day like this would come when cities and states across the country began openly violating Americans rights. They ratified the 14th Amendment specifically to give Congress the power to protect Americans from having their rights violated.

Only Congress can put a stop to this assault on the 2nd Amendment, and only YOU can force them to!

Stop these anti-gun politicians from getting away with this! Send your instant message to Congress right now and FORCE them to protect the 2nd Amendment and block any city or state from using the Chinese Virus as an excuse to violate your rights!

As if things weren’t bad enough at the state and local level, the FBI is also warning that background checks may stop being processed.

When the Brady bill was passed in 1994, GOPers demanded a failsafe be added to the legislation. If Americans were going to be forced to pass a background check in order to take a gun home, then the government should not be allowed to block gun purchases by slow-walking or refusing to conduct the checks.

The GOP succeeded and got a 3-day failsafe added to the bill. If you go to buy a gun and the government cannot perform an “instant” background check on you inside of 72 hours, then the law says you are allowed to take the gun home anyway. Americans have a right to purchase a firearm

But now the FBI is saying that they might not be able to abide by that law. They are saying that if states close their background check offices and the FBI cannot reach them to pull information, then it will not count towards the 72-hour window and Americans will be blocked from taking home their guns. So these local and state-level tyrants are actually having nationwide consequences

We are under attack from all sides. Cities, States, and now the Federal government itself is using the coronavirus to chip away at, and even in some cases suspend the 2nd Amendment all together.

As I said, short of a Supreme Court ruling, only Congress has the power to put a stop to widespread civil rights violations like this. And that is what this is: one of the most widespread, coordinated campaigns aimed at targeting Americans’ civil rights.

Congress could easily attach a provision to this massive stimulus package stipulating that no assistance can go to cities or states that are violating their residents’ 2nd Amendment rights. No state or local politician would dare risk having access to this stimulus package so that they could go after residents’ gun rights.

Between now and the end of the week, special interest groups and their lobbyists are racing to DC to try to pressure Congress to put their needs first. We are seeing a lot of this happen in real time. It wasn’t an accident that Nancy Pelosi tried to sneak in funding for abortion providers. That was by design.

But no one is racing to DC to try to protect your rights. There aren’t any lobbyists trying to pressure Congress to uphold the 2nd Amendment right now. And that is why it is so vitally important that you fight for your rights, right now!

Stop these anti-gun politicians from getting away with it! Send your message to Congress right now and DEMAND that they protect the 2nd Amendment and block any city or state from using the Chinese Virus as an excuse to violate your rights!

Make no mistake: the 2nd Amendment is under attack. The very politicians who have spent decades promising to come after your gun rights are now using the Chinese Coronavirus as the excuse to do it.

And as we saw in Pennsylvania, the courts are letting them do it. Courthouses across the country are now closed. No Federal Judge is going to sweep in and overturn a local or state emergency order like this.

Only Congress can put a stop to this, but it has to be right now and YOU have to demand it!

Stop these anti-gun politicians from getting away with it! Send your urgent message to Congress right now and FORCE them to protect the 2nd Amendment and block any city or state from using the Chinese Virus as an excuse to violate your rights!

Stand up and fight before it’s too late!

Joe Otto
Conservative Daily


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