First, to the good news. Yesterday, a Federal Judge in the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals threw out the lawsuit demanding that Trump start releasing illegal aliens from detention facilities. Judge James L. Robart — a George W. Bush appointee — ended up being assigned the case and wasted no time tossing it out. “There is no evidence that anyone at [the detention center] has Covid-19, and plaintiffs do not address the measures defendants are taking to prevent such a spread from occurring.” It is not all good news, though. While the ACLU will not be able to force ICE to stop apprehending illegal aliens, the agency is scaling back its interior immigration enforcement efforts on its own.

Democrats, however, are trying to push something through Congress that is truly radical. They are trying to give stimulus funding to illegal aliens.

Senator Rand Paul (shown above) introduced an amendment to the Chinese Coronavirus response bill last week that would have only allowed government assistance to go to people with proven identities through social security card verifications. In other words, they would have to prove they are legally in the United States before gaining access to emergency food aid, unemployment assistance, or other programs.

The GOP and Democrats rallied together to block Sen. Paul’s amendment and pushed their second Chinese Coronavirus response bill through.

Now, both parties are working on a third stimulus bill and this one is the biggest of all. This one would send actual checks to every American in the country. Rand Paul is desperately trying to make sure that these disbursements do not go to illegal aliens. But once again, both the GOP and Democrats are trying to block his amendment!

No government assistance or stimulus for illegal aliens! Send your urgent FaxBlast and FORCE the House and Senate adopt Rand Paul’s common sense stimulus amendment, or else they will all be removed from office!

For years, we have heard from the Left that illegal immigration is a “victimless crime.” The truth is that Americans are victimized every day by illegal aliens who steal their identity in order to illegally work in the United States.

A year or two ago, a story broke that a woman in Colorado was shocked to receive a notice from the IRS saying she owed additional taxes to the Federal government. The IRS claimed that she had under-reported her income and actually belonged in a higher tax bracket (and owed more). After doing some digging, she found out that someone in neighboring Kansas was using her social security number there to work, taking no deductions, and that company was reporting the income.

An illegal alien had stolen her identity and she was on the hook for the tax liability because, in the IRS’ opinion, it was completely reasonable to assume someone could have two jobs in neighboring states.

If the proper protections are not in place, we could see this same kind of thing happen with the Chinese Coronavirus stimulus program that Congress is working on right now. When the 2008/9 recession stimulus program was passed, Democrats and Republicans instituted stricter requirements to make sure that illegal aliens would not qualify.

But now that Sen. Rand Paul is proposing the SAME kind of protections, neither party wants to support it… The Senate voted down his amendment on the other Chinese Coronavirus bill, 95 to 3. Both parties claimed they didn’t have time to debate the specifics of the last bill. But now that they are spending a whole week and a half on the next stimulus bill, you would think that they’d have time to make sure the Federal government doesn’t start bailing out illegal aliens…

Yet again, both parties are trying to force Rand Paul to stand down…

Imagine being laid off from your job, going to file for unemployment, and finding that someone else has already filed in your name at a different address. Imagine not receiving a stimulus check because it was sent to another household instead…

Illegal aliens are working in this country illegally. They are breaking the law, every single day. Why should they be eligible for government assistance if they are laid off? Why should the government be on the hook for their childcare? It makes NO sense.

Even right now, there are some Democrats are arguing that illegal aliens should be eligible for Federal tax credits and assistance. The only way they could possibly qualify would be if they’re part of Obama’s amnesty program (which is just weeks away from likely being overturned) or if they are illegally using a stolen identity to work.

Congress is right now debating a TRILLION+ stimulus package and there are actually idiots in the House and Senate who believe that illegal aliens should be able to get a piece of it…

No government assistance or stimulus for illegal aliens! Send your urgent FaxBlast and FORCE the House and Senate adopt Rand Paul’s common sense stimulus amendment, or else they will all be removed from office!

Americans are hurting. Millions have already lost their jobs and millions more are expected to file for unemployment in the next two weeks.

Congress could have already passed a stimulus bill to make sure that Americans have the ability to weather this storm.

Nancy Pelosi, though, is holding it up. She believes that the bill should prioritize aid to the poor and most vulnerable, instead of the middle class who stand to lose everything if Congress doesn’t act fast. We now know that at least part of the Far Left’s reasoning behind this is that they want to make sure illegal aliens remain eligible for this stimulus.

They say that it isn’t fair to withhold emergency government assistance from the “undocumented.”

Senator Rand Paul is making another push to ensure that no illegal alien can directly benefit from the next round of government assistance and stimulus programs.

But it is up to YOU to put the fear of the American electorate into the rest of the fools in Congress and FORCE them to support this common sense amendment!

No government assistance or stimulus for illegal aliens! Send your urgent FaxBlast and FORCE the House and Senate adopt Rand Paul’s common sense stimulus amendment, or else they will all be removed from office!

These fools must be stopped!

Joe Otto
Conservative Daily


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