Democrats are just taunting us at this point. 

In late December, we reported that Speaker Pelosi had traveled to Europe to attend the United Nations Climate Change summit — against Presidential orders — and pledged to the entire world that she would not allow Pres. Trump to withdraw from the UN's climate treaty. Nancy Pelosi openly violated the Logan Act by trying to take American foreign policy into her own hands.

Well, over the weekend, Democrats again traveled to Europe. Pelosi again met with European leaders and staked out anti-Trump positions. For years, President Trump has threatened to defund NATO unless European allies start contributing more to the military alliance. Pelosi's message to them? She will never let that happen.

But the real kicker came from Senator Chris Murphy (D-CT). While visiting Munich for a security conference, he stepped away from his other Democrat colleagues and held a secret — and very illegal — meeting with the Iranian Foreign Minister. 

The Iranian Minister is one of the most heavily sanctioned officials on earth. President Trump's message to Iran has been simple: give up your nuclear weapons if you want sanctions relief and you dare kill an American citizen, you will pay for it.

But Sen. Murphy had a very different message. Just like when John Kerry illegally met with the Iranians earlier in Trump's term, Murphy encouraged the Iranians to try to outlast Trump. When Trump loses, there will apparently be a more sympathetic Democrat would could return us to the failed Iran Nuclear Deal…

I will say it again, this is criminal. It is illegal for non-Executive Branch officials to take it upon themselves to conduct US foreign policy.

These traitors must be held accountable!

Don't let them get away with this! Tell Congress right now that they MUST refer Pelosi, Murphy, and the rest of these traitors to the DOJ for Logan Act prosecution!

No one is saying that Pelosi should be locked up simply for going abroad. All Congressmen and Senators make overseas "fact finding trips." The challenge, though, comes when they stake out a position against the Administration's policies and against our country's interests.

That is why the Logan Act was originally passed. The Founders were concerned that the American government could never succeed if unapproved individuals are out there trying to conduct foreign policy on their own.

As you remember, this was the law that the Deep State used to open an investigation into Michael Flynn. During the Presidential transition period, Flynn called his foreign counterparts to discuss policy changes once Trump took office. None of this was controversial. Every incoming administration does this. But the Obama administration used this as the pretext to start a criminal investigation into Flynn, one that 3 years later is still not over…

What Pelosi and Murphy have done, though, is far, far worse. Unlike Flynn who had legitimate reasons to talk to foreign counterparts, these Democrat traitors are only interested in undermining the President of the United States and his foreign policy. And the worst part is that they think they can just get away with it…

These traitors believe they can openly and unapologetically violate the law like this without consequence.

They MUST be proven wrong!

Don't let them get away with this! Tell Congress right now that they MUST refer Pelosi, Murphy, and the rest of these traitors to the DOJ for Logan Act prosecution!

Our campaign is simple: We are calling on every Congressman and Senator to muster their courage and officially refer Pelosi and Murphy for criminal prosecution. It only takes one Member of Congress to make a criminal referral to the FBI.

And it only takes YOU to force them to do it!

President Trump was asked about Murphy's actions and he responded that it was clearly a Logan Act violation and should be investigated. But the President knows it would be too risky to try to get Pelosi and her allies investigated himself.

That is where you come in. You need to join our campaign today and help us bombard Congress in a million FaxBlasts demanding that each and every one of these Democrat traitors be held accountable for their crimes.

Together, we can finally put a stop to this treachery and make sure that these people are forced to answer for their crimes!

But it has to be right now!

Don't let them get away with this! Tell Congress right now that they MUST refer Pelosi, Murphy, and the rest of these traitors to the DOJ for Logan Act prosecution!


Joe Otto
Conservative Daily


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