Democrats are still licking their wounds. After being trounced during the impeachment trial, Democrats are desperate to find something else to use to go after President Trump. This week, they believe they have found it…

Roger Stone was briefly an advisor to President Trump's 2016 campaign. But that didn't stop the Mueller team from trying to make an example out of him. While they weren't able to prove that Stone coordinated with the Russians (spoiler alert: no one did), they were able to pin other process crimes onto him. Stone has been known to stretch the truth and exaggerate stories, and he did the same with Mueller's investigators.

Considering the fact that he is a 67-year-old man convicted of non-violent process crimes, he shouldn't face significant prison time. However, Mueller's team of prosecutors — who stayed on to manage Stone's case — recommended to the Judge that Stone serve 7-9 years in prison.

This was a shockingly harsh sentencing recommendation. It turns out that the Department of Justice was completely blindsided, too. Mueller's prosecutors had told the Attorney General that they were going to be seeking a much more lenient sentence, only to change their mind.

President Trump was outraged, and rightfully so. Despite all of the crimes committed by Democrats that were uncovered during this sham investigation, the only people who were actually prosecuted were Trump allies. Attorney General Bill Barr, on his own, ordered the sentencing recommendation to be withdrawn and for the case to be transferred out of the Mueller team's hands.

Democrats, predictably, were outraged. They are now accusing Barr and Trump of "Obstructing Justice" and vowing to launch a new impeachment investigation!

Stop this new coup attempt before it's too late! Join our campaign right now and tell Congress that anyone who signs onto this new impeachment investigation will be dragged out of office!

Nancy Pelosi just ordered Attorney General Barr to resign or face an impeachment investigation of his own. Eric Swalwell (shown above), who infamously threatened to use nuclear weapons against Americans who resist gun control, has now come out and said that Democrats are working on impeaching Trump again over the handling of the Roger Stone case.

The Democrats will never stop. For the last three years, Democrats and their allies in the Deep State and mainstream media have worked to try to reverse the 2016 election results and remove Pres. Trump from office. With the latest impeachment attempt, they thought that they would finally be able to do it.

You would think that Democrats would have learned their lesson. But no, they want to double-down…

But what is truly remarkable is that Republicans are now jumping on the bandwagon too…

Remember, Democrats fell just two votes shy of being able to seize control of the impeachment trial and drag that sham on for months. In the end, the pressure that you put on GOPers like Susan Collins (ME) and Lisa Murkowski (AK) was just too much. They had no choice but to vote to acquit Trump.

But now, those same turncoats are siding with Democrats once again. Collins warned that Trump 'shouldn't have gotten involved.' Murkowski released a statement saying that Barr and Trump's actions were 'concerning.' Mitt Romney (UT), of course, warned that if it is true that if Trump or Barr interfered with the Mueller team's prosecution, that it would "obviously be a real problem."

Democrats are over-the-moon excited. If they could get those three Republicans on board, then they could seize control of a new Senate impeachment trial and finally take out President Trump…

House Democrats are promising to move full-speed ahead and Senate Democrats are already putting pressure on these GOP turncoats to join them!

Stop this new coup attempt before it's too late! Join our campaign right now and tell Congress that anyone who signs onto this new impeachment investigation will be dragged out of office!

That is why it is so important to put a stop to this before Democrats are able to get this new impeachment investigation off the ground!

We need your help to put pressure on both the House and the Senate. Our message is simple: Any Republican or Democrat, Representative or Senator, who dares get involved in this new impeachment attempt will face the wrath of the voters! Anyone who dares join this latest coup attempt must be removed from office!

But we can't deliver this message on our own… That is why we need your help to bury Congress in FaxBlasts to force them to shut down this new attempt to remove the President from office!

Stop this new coup attempt before it's too late! Please, join our campaign right now and tell Congress that anyone who signs onto this new impeachment investigation will be dragged out of office!


Joe Otto
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