The GOP establishment has been waiting for this moment for years: a chance to finally pass their amnesty agenda into law.

They have been trying ever since Obama was in office. As you remember, they tried to push through a "compromise" amnesty bill. Their plan would have given amnesty, permanent residency, and eventually citizenship to practically every illegal alien living in the country.

With your help, we killed that bill. And we struck fear into the GOP and stopped their repeated attempts to push it through.

But now that Democrats control the House, the GOP Establishment is hoping they can help slip an amnesty package through without being blamed (and held accountable) for it.

Their bill is called Farm Workforce Modernization Act. But don't let the name fool you, this is nothing but a massive amnesty giveaway and Republicans are signing onto it faster than we have ever seen before!

Stop the Establishment from passing the Farm Workforce Modernization Act! Send your urgent FaxBlast to Congress right now and FORCE them to kill this massive amnesty bill before it's too late!

The bill has thee main parts.

First, the legislation would grant permanent residency and a pathway to citizenship for any illegal alien that claims to work on a farm. I say "claim" because by virtue of being "undocumented," illegal aliens don't have proof of employment. They work under the table. Any illegal alien would be able to claim they work in the agricultural industry, and the law would force the government to just take them at their word.

But by giving these people amnesty, the bill would forgive their previous crimes. And in order to maximize the amount of illegals covered, the bill includes illegal alien convicted criminals. That's right, even if illegal aliens have been convicted of previous crimes and sentenced to prison, they would still qualify for amnesty under the bill…

But it gets even worse. The bill also gives amnesty and a pathway to citizenship to the family members of alleged farm workers. So if one family member works in the agricultural industry, the entire household would get amnesty and citizenship. Except we have the same problem. Since illegal aliens are "undocumented," there is no way to prove who is related to whom. This is the problem border patrol agents are facing at the border. Illegal aliens are showing up with children and claiming to be related so they can get special treatment.

So when you add it all up — amnesty for illegal aliens, even if they are convicted criminals, and then blanket amnesty for their entire family, this one bill would end up covering between 1.5 and 2.5 million illegal aliens. 

This is what the GOP is calling a "compromise." Instead of giving out amnesty to tens of millions of illegals all at once, they are trying to pass it piece by piece and hoping you won't notice.

But now that you know what they're doing, you must rise up and stop them!

Stop the Establishment from passing the Farm Workforce Modernization Act! Send your urgent FaxBlast to Congress right now and FORCE them to kill this massive amnesty bill before it's too late!

Because the House and Senate versions are substantially different, there will need to be a few more votes in each chamber before it can truly pass.

In the House, the amnesty bill has 34 Republicans signed onto it. In the Senate, we are hearing that as many as a Dozen GOPers could vote with Democrats to help it pass. And the President is under a lot of pressure from the agricultural industry — a voting bloc he cannot afford to lose — to sign it into law.

Now that the House and Senate are coming back in session, they are going to try to rush this bill through before you have a chance to stop them.

If you want to stop this, it has to be right now! 

Don't let them rush this through,

Joe Otto
Conservative Daily


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