Amazingly, Democrats are trying to use the Texas church shooting to push their gun control agenda.

They don't care that the shooting was stopped by a law-abiding armed citizen… They don't care that the gunman was a felon and couldn't have legally purchased a gun… The Left wants to use this shooting to push their radical anti-gun agenda anyway.

But unlike previous gun control pushes, this time, the Radical Left has help… Republicans want to help them pass new gun control bills!

Stop the GOP and Dems from pushing this 2nd Amendment surrender bill through! Join the fight and FORCE Congress to back down and kill this radical Red Flag gun confiscation bill!

It is disgusting, but true. Just before Christmas, the President signed the annual spending bill into law. That legislation included 25 million in funding for gun violence research. For 25 years, the government has been blocked from conducting gun control research, ever since the CDC was caught trying to help Democrats pass their anti-gun bills into law. Every year since then, Democrats have tried to restore this funding and the GOP has blocked it from passing.

But this year, the Republicans gave up. They rolled over and allowed the Left's gun control provision to pass. And for the first time since the 1990s, the Centers for Disease Control will be allowed to openly advocate gun control using YOUR taxd ollars!

The GOP is openly abandoning gun owners. You see, the GOP leadership believes they need to pass gun control in order to win this year's election…

The Left has been pressuring the Republicans to help pass their gun registry legislation. But this week, the GOP countered with a gun control bill of their own…

It is called the Extreme Risk Protection Order and Violence Prevention Act. Referred to as the Red Flag bill, this legislation was written by Marco Rubio (R-FL). It would allow the government to disarm gun owners without even needing to accuse them of breaking the law.

Currently, Federal law allows for disarmament if someone is convicted of a felony or domestic violence misdemeanor. But Rubio's bill would allow the government to confiscate your guns before even charging you with a crime!

If a friend, family member, or neighbor turns a gun owner into police for being supposedly "dangerous," that would be enough to get a disarmament order. They wouldn't have to prove a gun owner is dangerous. Their hearsay would be enough. It would then be up to the gun owner to convince a judge to give them their guns back. If the judge still thinks they are "dangerous," then the disarmament order can be extended for a year.

All of this happens without any criminal charges being filed. That means that the disarmed gun owner is legally innocent. But the Rubio bill would let the government disarm them anyway…

Colorado passed a similar law last year that is officially going into effect starting today. There are already reports that county sheriffs are refusing to enforce the law because it is flagrantly unconstitutional. They are refusing to disarm law-abiding, innocent gun owners.

But now, the GOP wants to make this a nationwide law. They want to use your taxd ollars to create a nationwide gun confiscation program.

Democrats have always dreamed of being able to disarm innocent people. And now the so-called Republicans want to give them that power!

Stop the GOP and Dems from pushing this 2nd Amendment surrender bill through! Join the fight and FORCE Congress to back down and kill this radical Red Flag gun confiscation bill!

Marco Rubio's gun confiscation bill isn't a compromise. It represents one of the greatest threats to individual liberty that this country has ever seen.

You have a right to keep and bear arms. In order to lose that right, the government has to prove (beyond a reasonable doubt) that you broke the law.

But this bill turns that concept upside-down. Instead of the government having to prove someone's guilt, they would be able to confiscate someone's guns without even filing charges. And it would be up to the disarmed gun owner to prove his or her innocence instead…

The Republican Establishment is scared. They believe that if they don't pass new gun control, they might lose their seats. They are putting your rights on the chopping block to save their careers. They think they can actually come out ahead by chipping away at the 2nd Amendment.

It is up to YOU to prove them wrong!

Help stop this unconstitutional bill in its tracks,

Joe Otto
Conservative Daily


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