When God sent his only son to earth to live and die for mankind's sins, the newborn King of Kings was not born to royalty. Instead, he was born to a virgin, Mary, who was engaged to be married to a carpenter named Joseph.

The Messiah was not born in a castle. There wasn't even room for the family to stay in the inn. Instead, Jesus Christ was born in a barn, surrounded by livestock. He was not swaddled in silk, but rather laid in a manger, or trough, full of hay. And when God wanted to announce the birth of his son, the angels delivered the message to nearby shepherds first. 

Jesus was born a man, lived as a man, and died a very mortal death. And yet, this man — born in a barn and crucified alongside common thieves — ended up redeeming all mankind. One man tore down the temple on his own and rebuilt it in three days. The Christmas Story really does speak to the potential that each and every one of us has inside.

Many of the challenges that face our country seem unfixable, and neither the Republicans nor the Democrats are eager to even try. The challenges of today are no different than the ones that plagued previous generations.

It is easy to look at the current state of American politics and find yourself discouraged. With the establishments of both parties openly working against the American people, it is easy to feel small and voiceless.

But Christ teaches us that size and power can be deceiving. Remember, it only took one voice to deliver the Truth. 

In the coming days, we will be back to work fighting for conservatism. The fights that loom on the horizon are bigger than any we have ever faced before, and it will take every conservative voice speaking in harmony to win. But that is a fight for tomorrow…

Today, use your voice to celebrate the birth of Christ. Raise your glass and offer a toast to your family and friends who have gathered together. If there happens to be a Leftist at your table, feel free to use your voice to (respectfully) shut down his or her arguments. And if there is a family member or friend you are feuding with or haven't spoken to in a while, pick up the phone and use your voice to begin repairing the relationship.

Your voice is more powerfull than you even know.

A Merry Christmas to You and Yours,

Joe Otto and the Conservative Daily Team

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