Republicans just made a major concession to the Democrats. Yesterday, instead of passing a clean appropriations package, House Democrats pushed through a temporary spending bill.

Instead of the government shutting down tomorrow, the government funding deadline has now shifted to December 20th… Just five days before Christmas.

Democrats are already celebrating. For months, the Left has been planning to use the threat of a government shutdown to force Republicans to pass their radical immigration agenda. Now, Democrats get to use the threat of denying military families their Christmas paychecks as additional leverage to force Republicans to cave…

And the Left wants to go for it all… 

Pelosi is now demanding that Republicans pass the McCain Immigration Plan: Full amnesty for illegal aliens and an end to all border wall construction.  And if the GOP refuses, Pelosi says she will shut down the government!

Don't let the GOP cave to the Left's demands! Send your urgent FaxBlast to Congress now and FORCE them to protect the border wall funding and kill Pelosi's radical amnesty plan!

Democrats want two things when it comes to immigration.

First, they want amnesty for all of the illegal aliens already in the country. As we have covered before, the Left's bill — H.R. 6 — would grant amnesty and a pathway to citizenship for 2.5 million illegal aliens, even if they are repeat convicted criminals. This is the bill that the GOP cowards have already largely signed onto. But now that the government shutdown date has been pushed to Christmas week, the Left believes they can get even more from the Republicans…

The Democrats' bill would also shut down all border wall construction. No federal funds would be allowed to go towards border wall construction, renovation, or even repair. That even includes the border wall sections already under construction. As we have reported, the language (which has already been added to the full spending bill) would make it illegal for Border Patrol to even repair damaged sections of fencing, let alone build new sections…

Combined, the amnesty and anti-border wall provisions would be absolutely catastrophic. Democrats want to make it against the law to stop illegal aliens from entering the United States, and then they want to give the illegals amnesty and citizenship once they get across the border…

They are now advancing a one-two punch to open up the border and grant amnesty to all of the illegal aliens who get across…

And thanks to the Spineless Republicans, the Left now has all of the extra leverage they need. Instead of just threatening a government shutdown, Democrats can now threaten to block government employees and military families from getting their Christmas paychecks unless the GOP caves to their demands…

The GOP is already caving! Quick, send your urgent FaxBlast to Congress now and FORCE them to protect the border wall funding and kill Pelosi's radical amnesty plan!

Both of these Leftist proposals already have GOP support. 

This is actually an Establishment Republican proposal. It is called the McCain Plan, written by, you guessed it, John McCain. The plan was to give full amnesty for illegal aliens and cut off all funding for the border wall.

When the McCain Plan was put to a vote in the Senate last year, it received 52 votes. It wasn't enough to pass as a standalone bill, but that is more than enough to pass through the reconciliation process. When the House and Senate pass different versions of the same spending legislation, the GOP and Democrats go into what is known as a conference. There, they negotiate to find "common ground." If they reach a deal, then that reconciled legislation can pass in both the House and Senate with just a simple majority.

Now, Democrats are trying to do just that. They aren't just holding the country's national security hostage anymore to try to beat Trump. Instead, they want to withhold military families' Christmas-week paychecks in order to force the GOP to finally pass their immigration surrender bill.

You and I both know that Republicans cannot be trusted. They have already agreed to push the next government funding deadline to Christmas week. They are already giving-in to Pelosi and the Democrats' demands.

And it is up to you to stop them!

It all comes down to this!

Joe Otto
Conservative Daily


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