When government employees want to view highly classified documents, they need to do it in a room called a Secured Compartmented Information Facility, also known as a SCIF.

SCIFs are built to block out electronic surveillance technology so that classified information doesn’t fall into the wrong hands.

House Democrats have been conducting their Impeachment Inquiry in the SCIF in the basement of the House of Representatives. That, combined with the fact that they are treating interviews as “depositions” instead of “hearings” has made it difficult for Republicans to share what is happening with their constituents.

If you hear classified information inside of a SCIF, you aren’t allowed to just run out and tell the world…

Well, on Wednesday, 45 House Republicans decided to storm the SCIF where Schiff was holding his secret impeachment deposition and demand full transparency. A number of the Congressmen brought their cell phones into the SCIF, which would be a big no-no if there was actually Top Secret or Classified information being discussed in the SCIF. While they certainly aren’t supposed to bring electronic devices into the room, national security was never put at risk.

But that hasn’t stopped liberals from calling for these Republicans’ heads. The result was that SCIF was trending on twitter. This was my favorite of the bunch.

What is so hilarious is that like so many of the Leftists now citing the Espionage Act and the regulations surrounding SCIFs, they were all Hillary Clinton apologists. They all claimed that Clinton did nothing wrong. In the words of Eichenwald, Clinton’s “Emailgate” was a “fake scandal.”

I don’t know if there is anything more ridiculous than Clinton apologists suddenly discovering a respect for the SCIFs.

Hillary Clinton’s decision to store her emails on a private server certainly put American national security at risk. But the main threat stemmed from where she re-routed those emails and classified documents to. We know that the classified emails routed to a server stored in the bathroom closet of a Colorado tech contractor’s office. We also know that the information was routed through the SCIFs that Clinton had installed in her homes.

The FBI’s own notes indicated that the SCIFs in both of Clinton’s homes were “not always secured.”

Screen Shot 2016-09-02 at 3.48.16 PM

The most amazing story, however, came from Clinton’s Whitehaven home. Hillary Clinton had a Filipino maid named Marina Santos. In case there was any doubt, Santos did not possess a security clearance. Not only was she allowed and encouraged to enter the Whitehaven SCIF to clean, but she was also instructed by Hillary Clinton to enter the SCIF to print out classified documents.

How “classified” are we talking here? The documents she printed out included the Presidential Daily Brief, which is a memo given to the President every day — compiled by the intelligence agencies — that includes all of the most important classified information that he needs to know that-day. It is chock-full of classified info, and Hillary Clinton had her Filipino maid printing it out for her…

Hillary Clinton and her staff would have classified documents sent to the Whitehaven SCIF via secure fax, only to have the maid run in to retrieve it.

This was quite clearly a crime. The fact that no one was prosecuted for any of this, or at the very least had their security clearances revoked, is a gross miscarriage of justice.

Which is why it is so hard to take liberals seriously today who are trying to claim the moral high ground on Sensitive Compartmented Information Facilities. They don’t really care about the actual laws and regulations. If they did, they would have had the same outrage over a Filipino maid handling classified information inside of Clinton’s SCIF.

No, their position is purely based on politics. Their opinion regarding Espionage Act enforcement depends entirely on which political party the subject of the investigation belongs to…



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