This is unbelievable. As we have covered, the United Nations is now on the brink of bankruptcy. And they re blaming the United States.

The UN just sent the Trump administration a bill for over a billion do llars that they say they are owed. This was money that Obama had promised them, but Trump cut because it wasn't in the United States' interest…

This is what pursuing an America First agenda means. 

When Pres. Trump got the UN's "bill," he told the United Nations to look for the funding elsewhere.

"Make all member countries pay," Trump punched back, "not just the United States."

Trump told the UN that America will not pay.

But the globalist Republicans and Democrats in Congress are already promising the UN that they will pay-up…

Right now, the United States pays 22% of the United Nations' budget. Under Federal law, the country is prohibited from paying more than 25% of the budget…

It is common sense. It is ridiculous enough that the United States gives as much to the United Nations as it already does. We should be paying these anti-American globalists nothing. The cap is in place to make sure that the Left is never able to increase it.

Earlier this week, we covered the poison pill amendments that Democrats have slipped in to the annual spending package. They want to prioritize restoring the funding to UN programs like the Paris Climate Treaty (which Obama had no right to sign in the first place) and the anti-gun Arms Trade Treaty. We are still fighting against these poison pills designed to surrender American sovereignty to the UN bureaucrats.

But we just discovered another part of the bill that is far worse: the 25% cap has been removed from the legislation.

That is the Establishment's true goal. With this cap gone, Democrats and Republicans would be free to pay the United Nations all of the funding that Trump cut, and some…

Congress is literally re-writing the law to allow them to give more of your hard-earned taxd ollars away to the United Nations.

It is shameful and must be stopped!

Don't let the House and Senate restore the United Nations' funding! Please, you must send your instant FaxBlast to Congress right now and FORCE them to kill this UN funding bill!

Republicans in both the House and Senate are working with Democrats to push this amended bill through. Not only do they want to restore all of the funding that Trump cut, but they want to abolish the 25% cap so that Congress can save the United Nations from bankruptcy.

Trump told the UN to pound sand and ask other countries for donations. But now Congress is going to vote to pull the rug out from under the President and work directly with the United Nations…

Both the House and the Senate must pass this bill by the end of the month. If they don't, then the Federal government will shut down. But Republicans and Democrats are also terrified that if this bill doesn't pass, then the UN will go bankrupt.

They are now promising the United Nations that they will start voting on this bill — the State Department, Foreign Operations, and Related Programs Appropriations Act — this coming week.

For years, we have fought to pull the United Nations' funding. Trump finally did it.

And now, as the UN faces literal bankruptcy, the cowards in Congress want to give it all back to them…

If you care about putting America First… if you care about pulling the plug on the anti-American United Nations… if you care about where your hard-earned taxd ollars go…

Then you must join our FaxBlast campaign today and kill this UN surrender bill before it's too late!

Don't let them send them even a cent…

Joe Otto
Conservative Daily


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