We have been covering Obama Judge Jon Tigar for months. He is the District Judge in California trying to block Pres. Trump from strengthening our asylum systems to root out fraud.

Over the Summer, Judge Tigar imposed a nationwide injunction to block Trump’s Remain in Mexico regulation.

The 9th Circuit Court of Appeals came back last week and ruled that this Obama judge exceeded his authority. He had no right to impose a nationwide injunction, given the fact that he was just a District Judge in California. So, the 9th Circuit limited the injunction to just Border Patrol agents in California and Arizona.

But Tigar wasn’t happy with that. On Tuesday, this Obama judge decided to defy the 9th Circuit and reimpose his nationwide injunction using a different legal justification.

The backlash was swift. That same day, the 9th Circuit issued a ruling to once again block Tigar from extending his injunction nationwide.

But even that isn’t the end of it. The Supreme Court has now weighed in. But instead of just upholding the 9th Circuit’s ruling, the Supreme Court has thrown out Jon Tigar’s entire injunction. The Trump administration is now free to impose all of their new asylum regulations to prevent illegal aliens from abusing the loopholes in our asylum system.

Jon Tigar flew too close the the sun and got burned.

But this whole back and forth was truly unprecedented. We have never seen an activist judge defy higher courts like this before.

Elections truly have consequences. Trump has placed 7 Judges on the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals and 2 Justices onto the Supreme Court. Without these appointments, Jon Tigar’s radical ruling would have probably been upheld.

But instead, these Trump judges were able to restore the rule of law and stop this activist judge from opening up our southern border. This is a major win.



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