Republicans are starting to find their backbone and fight back against the Democrats' Universal Background Check bill. Your pressure is working!

The GOP is starting to understand that if they support the Left's gun control agenda, their political careers are over. And make no mistake: that is what these cowards fear more than anything else.

They fear you because you have the power the removed them from office. You have the power to strip them of their power.

Last month, Republicans were convinced that the American people wanted them to chip away at the 2nd Amendment. Today, they are starting to realize that would be political suicide.

But the war isn't won. The GOP is still eager to "do something" on guns. They are just trying to figure out a way to make gun control stricter without losing their power.

One of the new bills they arrived at is called the Enhanced Background Checks Act of 2019. This is the bill that the Left is pressing for.

Gun control advocates call it "common sense." That is a lie!

Stop the GOP from surrendering to the Left's gun control demands! Tell Congress, right now, that they must kill the Enhanced Background Checks Act of 2019… or else face the consequences!

When the background check system was created, the GOP decided to compromise with the Left. They supported the bill as long as there was a limit on how long a background check could take. Democrats wanted to give the government unlimited time to process background checks. Since the legislation created the National Instant Check System, the GOP wanted to make sure that background checks were actually 'instantaneous.'

The compromise was 72 hours. That is how long the FBI has to process a gun purchase background check. If a law abiding citizen goes to buy a gun and the FBI can't get its act together and process the background check within 3 calendar days, then the buyer can take the gun home anyway.

Without this provision in the law, there is nothing stopping the Federal government from blocking gun purchases by simply refusing to conduct the background check. We would not have a background check system today had it not been for this compromise. But Democrats don't call it a compromise anymore. Instead, they have branded it as a loophole.

That is why they are pushing the Enhanced Background Checks Act. Instead of limiting background checks to 3 calendar days, this new bill would extend it out to 10 business days. If a background check is wrongfully rejected, then the government would have another 20 business days to process the appeal. That would give the government the power to take 20-21 business days to give a final 'yes' or 'no' answer on whether or not someone can buy a gun. That is an entire month.

This seemingly harmless bill actually represents one of the biggest threats to the 2nd Amendment we have ever seen.

When you fill out an ATF Form 4473 to process a background check, that form is only valid for a month. If you haven't taken the gun home within a month of starting the process, then you have to submit yourself to another background check. This is to make sure that you haven't committed a crime in the meantime.

But if it can take 20-21 business days to process the background check, then the government has the power to run out the clock on millions of gun purchases a year. They would be able to simply stall and indefinitely block you from purchasing a gun…

This is exactly what Republicans feared would happen 25 years ago. But instead of sticking to their guns, the GOP is preparing to compromise again…

Stop the GOP from surrendering to the Left's gun control demands! Tell Congress, right now, that they must kill the Enhanced Background Checks Act of 2019… or else face the consequences!

Democrats keep demanding that Republicans meet them halfway on gun control. But the truth is that if you actually meet the other side halfway even just 4 times, they end up getting 94% of what they want…

And the GOP is so eager to "do something" that they are preparing to compromise away the right to keep and bear arms.

Make no mistake: If you have to ask the government for permission to buy a gun, and the government doesn't even have to give you an answer, then you no longer have a right to keep and bear arms. At that point, gun ownership becomes nothing but a privilege that can be revoked at any time!

This is the next gun control bill on the agenda and the Radical Left wants to push it through this coming week!

You must stop them!

No surrender,

Joe Otto
Conservative Daily


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