A day after the Supreme Court authorized Trump's border wall construction national emergency, Democrats are plotting to pull the funding and shut down the construction projects!

As you know, President Trump declared a National Emergency earlier this year to fund the border wall. This declaration allowed the President to "reprogram" Pentagon funds to build approximately hundreds of miles of new border wall.

We all knew that President Trump had this power. 10 USC §2214(a) specifically allows the President to repurpose military funds. The only restrictions are that it "(1) may not be used except to provide funds for a higher priority item, based on unforeseen military requirements, than the items for which the funds were originally appropriated; and (2) may not be used if the item to which the funds would be transferred is an item for which Congress has denied funds.

That last part is important. The Supreme Court ruled that Trump is allowed to reprogram this funding because Congress did not explicitly prohibit it in this past year's spending package.

But now that the Supreme Court has allowed the construction to begin on at least 100 miles of wall, Democrats are scrambling to stop it and deny the funds. And they have an amendment that would do just that!

We can win this! Please, take action right now and hold Congress' feet to the fire to FORCE them to kill this anti-border wall amendment right now… or else!

The amendment is found on Page 119 of the Department of Defense Appropriations Act. While the bill would allow the President to reprogram funding for other emergencies, Section 8127 states that,

"None of the funds appropriated or otherwise made available by this Act or any prior appropriations Acts may be used to construct a wall, fence, border barriers, or border security infrastructure along the southern land border of the United States." 

This one sentence would shut down border wall construction for good. Not only would it govern future national emergency funding, but it would also claw back all of the funds that Trump has already reprogrammed.

That has been the Left's goal all along. These court cases were only meant to stall long enough for liberals in Congress to claw the funding back. They almost succeeded. They didn't expect the Supreme Court to come back with an order this soon. So, Democrats are launching their anti-Border Wall plan now.

Earlier this year, both the House and Senate tried to overturn Trump's border wall emergency in a standalone bill. It passed in both chambers: 59-41 in the Senate and 248-181 in the House. 13 Republican Congressmen and 12 GOP Senators joined Democrats to pass the bill. Trump ultimately vetoed the resolution and the House failed to override the veto.

But that was as a standalone bill. This one-sentence amendment would instead be tacked onto this coming year's the 738 Billion military spending bill. This is by design. The Defense Appropriations Act is considered a "must-pass" piece of legislation because neither party is willing to shut down the US military. 

If this amendment survives into the final version, it will be too late to stop it. No Republican will defund the military in order to save the border wall construction… Democrats will have the votes to push it through.

That is why you must fight back and kill this provision right now before it's too late!

We can win this! Please, take action right now and hold Congress' feet to the fire to FORCE them to kill this anti-border wall amendment right now… or else!

The Republicans are not going to fight to protect this funding. We already saw 13 GOP Congressmen and 12 Senators cave when the there was a standalone bill to cancel the national emergency.

That number will only increase if this amendment is tied to Pentagon funding. There are dozens of other Republicans that come from military districts where it would be political suicide for them to vote against the military spending bill.

That is why we need to kill this amendment right now!

The Supreme Court has allowed Trump to start construction of 100 miles of new border wall in Texas, New Mexico, and Arizona, but only as long as Congress doesn't deny the funds.

If the Democrats' plan works, Trump's wall construction will be shut down before it can even start!

We are so close to victory! We are so close to finally securing the border.

Don't let these open border Democrats and GOP cowards block the wall!

We can win this! Please, take action right now and hold Congress' feet to the fire to FORCE them to kill this anti-border wall amendment right now… or else!

We are so close to victory, don't give up!

Joe Otto
Conservative Daily


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