President Trump made wave in the mainstream media for his call over the weekend for Rep. Ilhan Omar to leave the United States if she hates America so much.

Sure, Donald Trump could have chosen his words better, but he is actually spot on. While he did not name Ilhan Omar by name, that is who he is referring to. Omar came to the United States as a refugee from Somalia. Now that she is a Congresswoman, she has used her mouthpiece to condemn the very US Army soldiers who fought and died to try to help her native land (watch Black Hawk Down if you want to see what that sacrifice looked like).

Omar also infamously referred to the 9/11 attacks as that time that “some people did something.” And in another interview, Omar questioned why Americans would always say “Al Qaeda” with such disdain in their voice.

Ilhan Omar should be grateful. The United States took her and her family in. And even though she is suspected of committing a felony by illegally marrying her brother for immigration purposes, she was given US citizenship and is now a Member of Congress. But she isn’t grateful. She hates the United States, both for what it stands for and what it does.

The media was so quick to come to Ilhan Omar’s defense after Trump’s tweets. But a new poll shows that the mainstream media has misjudged the American electorate once again.

A new Axios poll asked respondents what they thought about Congresswoman Ilhan Omar. The poll showed that 53% of Americans recognized her name during the poll. But only 9% of respondents held a positive opinion of the radical Congresswoman from Minnesota. That is not a typo. Omar has a 9% nationwide approval rating.

So while you see the media try to pile onto President Trump, remember that he isn’t wrong on this. Sure he could have chosen his words better, but we all know that the media attacks him no matter what he says. But Ilhan Omar really does have disdain for this country. And the polling shows that practically no one in the country actually supports her holding public office…


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