This is Breaking News: There are 35,000 African migrants marching through Central America right now to force their way into the United States!

We warned months ago that if Congress did not act to secure the border and change the country's asylum laws, it was only a matter of time before the rest of the world took notice.

I regret to inform you that we were right.

I recently moved to San Antonio, Texas. Last month, without warning, ICE agents dumped hundreds of African illegal aliens into my city. The majority were from the Congo, an African country that is also in the news because they are trying, and failing, to control an Ebola outbreak. These migrants refused to talk to the media and within 48 hours, they were relocated to cities across the country.

This was just the first wave. Word has apparently gotten back to communities in Africa. The Center for Immigration Studies is now reporting on a new impending caravan invasion. There are as many as 35,000 African migrants marching through South and Central America en route to the United States. They know exactly what they need to say to Border Patrol agents in order to be let into our country.

The entire world knows that if they can reach the United States, even if they only step one toe onto US soil, our horribly broken laws guarantee that they get to stay.

This is insane!

More than 35,000 African migrants are marching on the border and the GOP and Dems want to let them in! Please, send your urgent letter to Congress right now and FORCE them to pass H.R.586 before it's too late!

Last week, Congress passed an emergency spending bill to address the border crisis. President Trump is warning that it simply isn't enough. While the bill included 4.5 billion in border funding, more than 3.5 billion of that was allocated as "humanitarian aid" to make sure that illegal aliens are taken care of after they cross our border.

Instead of securing the border, the Democrats have rolled out the welcome mat…

Reps. Doug Collins (R-GA) and Mike Johnson (R-LA) have been frantically working with the White House to fix this crisis and have now introduced the Fix the Immigration Loopholes Act (H.R.586).

The legislation would do four main things:

  1. Overturn the Flores court settlement. Right now, the Federal government is not allowed to detain illegal alien children or family units for longer than 20 days. The result is that illegal aliens are using children as pawns to try to game the system. H.R.586 would overturn this settlement to allow Border Patrol and ICE to detain illegal alien families together so that children are no longer a "get-out-of-jail-free" card.
  2. Allow the Federal government to return unaccompanied children to their families. Many of the illegal aliens showing up at Border crossings are unaccompanied children (UACs). Federal law currently requires the government to bring these children into the United States, even if they have no family members living here. The law requires that any illegal alien under 18-years-old from countries other than Mexico and Canada must be allowed to stay in the country. H.R.586 would allow the government to return these children to their families in their home countries.
  3. Fix the asylum standards. Right now, anyone who shows up at the border and says they are afraid for their life must be entered into the asylum system. The vast majority of these asylum applications are completely fraudulent. H.R.586 would raise the bar for "credible fear" asylum applications to allow agents to deny obviously fraudulent claims and stop illegal aliens from gaming the system.
  4. Increase the penalties for asylum fraud. Right now, illegal aliens who commit asylum fraud are allowed to disappear into the country. H.R.586 would allow ICE agents to track down these frauds and hold them accountable. Not only would the punishment for asylum fraud be increased to 10 years in prison, but any illegal alien convicted of this fraud would be permanently ineligible for government benefits (including legal status).

This one piece of legislation would cut down as much as 90% of illegal immigration at the border. Illegal aliens would no longer be allowed to use children to force their way into the country and asylum fraud would become much easier to prosecute.

Which is why the Establishments of both parties are trying so hard to block this bill!

Fight back! Please, tell Congress right now that they must pass H.R.586 and secure the border… or else!

This is the bill to end the crisis once and for all. And with 35,000 African migrants now marching through Central America, we are running out of time to get this bill passed!

The White House is putting maximum pressure on the Congressional leadership to bring this bill to the floor, but it isn't enough. President Trump needs your help right now!

It is up to YOU to force Congress to pass this bill before it's too late! Please, send your instant letter to Congress right now and FORCE them to pass the Fix the Immigration Loopholes Act!

Fight back now!

Max McGuire
Advocacy Director 
Conservative Daily


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Max McGuire