GOP Cowards are starting to cave to the Left's open border demands!

Yesterday, the United States Senate passed a "compromise" border bill to help the Trump administration address the crisis at the Southern Border. The bill would give Trump 1.1 billion for border enforcement, which is what he asked for. It also provides almost 3.5 billion for Border Patrol and ICE to handle the massive influx of illegal aliens at the border.

The Senate approved everything that Trump asked for. So, of course, Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats are promising to change the bill before they vote on it.

The House Rules Committee just announced new amendments to gut the bill to stop President Trump from enforcing the law. They are calling the amendments "guardrails" because they are deliberately designed to stop President Trump from handling the crisis.

President Trump has promised to veto the bill if it reaches his desk. But now, Republicans are urging the President to give up and accept the Left's new demands, even if that means opening up the border!

Send your instantly delivered message to Congress right now and DEMAND that they kill Pelosi's border amendments before it's too late!

Here is what the House Democrats new amendments would do.

  • Place hard limits on the number of days that illegal alien children and families can be detained. This would guarantee that any illegal alien child or family unit that crosses our border would be released into the United States, even if the child in question is just being used by human and drug traffickers.
  • Give Members of Congress unlimited access to personally inspect border detention facilities. The Left wants to be able to hold press conferences and photo-ops at these facilities, and this amendment would give them the power to do it.
  • Require Trump to disburse billions in foreign aid to Central and South American countries, even if they refuse to help stop illegal alien caravans from marching to the border. Right now, Trump has cut off all foreign aid to these countries as a punishment.
  • Give millions to liberal non-profits so they can relocate illegal aliens around the country.
  • Block the President from using the funding for anything other than the specific programs that these Leftists approve. So even though the amount of funding (4.5 billion) looks big, the Trump administration wouldn't be allowed to use any of it for the enforcement programs that desperately need funding, like barrier construction or hiring additional Border Patrol agents.
  • Prohibit ICE from using any Health and Human Services resources, including the addresses for illegal alien fugitives, to assist their deportation raids. Even though the government knows where hundreds of thousands of illegal alien fugitives live, this provision would block ICE from accessing this information…
  • But the worst part is that the bill does NOTHING to address the asylum loopholes that illegal aliens are abusing to force their way into the country.

Trump has promised to veto the bill if these new provisions reach his desk.

But now, with just one day left to get something passed, Republicans are starting to cave. McConnell has agreed to keep the Senate in session to vote on whatever Pelosi pushes through. GOP Senators like Mitt Romney are urging Conservatives to accept the Left's demands, even if that means actually blocking Trump from enforcing the border.

The surrender is happening right now!

Put a stop to this right now! Send your instantly delivered letter to Congress right now and DEMAND that they kill Pelosi's border amendments before it's too late!

Since the House and Senate bills will be different, that means that the spending packages will go through a process known as a conference. There, Republicans and Democrats from both chambers will negotiate a compromise bill that attempts to reconcile the differences. Whatever comes out of this reconciliation process can be passed in the Senate with just a 51-vote majority.

What that means is that it only takes FOUR Senate Republicans to flip and the Left's radical border bill will be the one that passes!

Already, we are hearing House and Senate Republicans starting to pressure Pres. Trump to sign whatever reaches his desk, even if it blocks Trump from enforcing our immigration laws. They care more about getting home to start their July 4 vacation than they care about actually solving this crisis.

This is it. The final votes in the House and Senate will come in the next 24 hours. You must fight back now before it is too late!

Don't let them get away with this!

Hold their feet to the fire! Send your instantly delivered letter to Congress right now and DEMAND that they kill Pelosi's border amendments before it's too late!

Don't let these cowards cave!


Joe Otto
Conservative Daily


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