When President Trump delayed the nationwide deportation raids on Sunday, he told Congressional Democrats that they had two weeks to send him an immigration bill that fixes the crisis at the border. Otherwise, the deportation raids will go on as-scheduled.

Trump demanded two things: (1) full funding for ICE and Border Patrol to allow them to enforce our immigration laws and detain illegal alien criminals and (2) an end to the asylum loopholes that illegal aliens are abusing to get into the country.

This is common sense: let Border Patrol and ICE do their jobs and stop illegals from committing asylum fraud. This shouldn't be partisan.

But, it is. The Left isn't even pretending to care about border security anymore… Yesterday, Democrats met behind closed doors to discuss Trump's ultimatum. The radicals in the party ordered Nancy Pelosi to give Trump nothing. And just like that, Democrats are unveiling a plan that does absolutely nothing to secure the border or enforce immigration law in the country.

Pelosi came out after the meeting and decided to make an announcement. She declared that the Democrats have a bill to address the "humanitarian crisis" at the border, but would not give Trump a cent to enforce our immigration laws…

"We have legislation to go forward to address those [humanitarian] needs, but in terms of interior enforcement, what is the point?" Pelosi said.

Democrats begged Trump not to deport these illegal aliens because the Left believes that illegal alien convicted criminals should be allowed to stay, no questions asked. Trump fired back with a veto threat of his own, promising to kickstart deportation raids if Democrats pull this stunt.

But the GOP just stabbed Pres. Trump in the back. Republicans just struck a deal with the Left to protect millions of illegal alien criminals from being deported!

 Please, send your instant FaxBlast to Congress right now and STOP them from blocking Trump's deportation raids!

When an illegal alien crosses the border, they are processed by Border Patrol and transferred into ICE's custody. The majority of these illegals are released into the United States so they can go live with a "Sponsor" — usually a family member or friend — until their immigration court hearing. As you know, the vast majority of these catch-and-release illegal aliens — more than 90% — never bother to show up to their hearings. Since they don't show up, the Judges order them to be deported from the United States.

The Department of Health and Human Services is the government agency that disburses welfare aid to these illegal aliens and manages their relocation to their sponsors. As a result, HHS has a database of where all of these illegal alien criminals live. Congressional Republicans just struck a deal with Democrats to make this database off limits to immigration agents. 

Federal judges have ordered these illegal aliens to be removed from the country. That is what happens when illegals file fraudulent asylum claims. These people are literally criminals. This new "compromise" legislation, however, would make it so they can't be deported. The GOP has agreed to block ICE from seeing where these illegal alien criminals live.

The GOP refuses to let Trump build the wall. They desperately tried to stop the President from threatening Mexico with tariffs. They refuse to fix the asylum loopholes that are being abused, pass Kate's Law, or punish the sanctuary cities harboring these illegals. And now that President Trump is trying to deport the illegal aliens who lost their asylum cases and have active deportation orders, the GOP wants to stop that too.

This is what total amnesty looks like…

Trump isn't just fighting against Open Border Democrats anymore. He is now being undermined by his own party.

And he needs your help to stop this surrender!

 Please, send your instant FaxBlast to Congress right now and STOP them from blocking Trump's deportation raids!

Right now, Republicans and Democrats are working on a bill that makes it illegal for ICE to know where illegal aliens are. Even though they lost their court cases and were ordered to be removed from the country, the bill wouldn't let the deportation agents access their last known address.

Congress begged Trump to call off the deportation raids to give them time to pass a bill to protect these illegal alien criminals!

The vote is coming THIS WEEK!

Please, take urgent action right now and stop this total surrender amnesty bill from passing!

 Please, send your instant FaxBlast to Congress right now and STOP them from blocking Trump's deportation raids!

Stop the surrender!

Joe Otto
Conservative Daily


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