Democrats are rushing to pass a border funding bill, but it is not what you think…

Pelosi is still refusing to give Donald Trump even a cent for the border wall. Instead, she is rushing a vote on a supplemental bill to keep the Department of Health and Human Services funded.

What does that have to do with the border? HHS is the department responsible for taking care of the illegal aliens that get released into the United States.

Instead of focusing on stopping the crisis, Pelosi is trying to spend even more of your tax dollars to provide “humanitarian aid” to these illegal alien invaders.

Don’t let the GOP cave to Pelosi’s border surrender plan! Tell Congress right now that they MUST fully fund President Trump’s border security initiative — including wall construction — or else!

President Trump offered a compromise. He asked Congress to give the administration billions to stop the border crisis. Most of that — 3.3 billion — would have been earmarked to Health and Human Services. But because the request included billions for “border operations” and border wall funding, the Left refused to agree to the terms. Instead, Pelosi says that the House will vote on a clean HHS spending bill dealing only with the humanitarian funding.

Democrats love to say that we can’t afford to secure the border, but they are more than happy to spend billions more taking care of illegal aliens who have no right to be here…

What kind of programs would Pelosi’s emergency spending bill fund?

The government just opened a new housing unit for transgender illegal aliens. The press release says that your tax dollars will go towards teaching these illegal aliens proper “self-grooming.” You are paying taxes so that the government can give fashion tips to men who snuck into the country dressed as women. And if these illegal aliens say they want hormone therapy, you have to foot the bill as well.

Joe Biden made news last week when he said he would repeal the Hyde Amendment if elected President. This is a provision that has been Federal law since 1976 dictating that Federal funds cannot be used to pay for or facilitate elective abortions. However, a Federal Appeals Court ruled on Friday that the Department of Health and Human Services must pay for illegal aliens’ abortions anyway. Of course, Nancy Pelosi’s spending bill would completely fund that…

The Democrat bill also increases funding for illegal alien health care programs and guarantees that these illegal aliens have government-funded lawyers to help them fight their deportation orders. And instead of giving Border Patrol and ICE the tools to deport these illegals, Pelosi’s bill devotes tens of millions to helping relocate released illegals around the country so they can disappear into society.

Yes, it is this insane. President Trump tried to leverage this insanity to force Congress to approve the border security funding. If Democrats want to take care of illegal aliens, then they would have to let him completely secure the border.

But the Senate just pulled the rug out from under the President. GOP leaders admitted that their version of the bill — which will receive a committee vote this week — will not include any border wall funding.

The GOP isn’t even going to fight to secure the border. They are just going to give Pelosi everything she wants…

Stop the surrender! Tell Congress right now that they MUST stop this Pelosi’s radical border spending bill and protect Pres. Trump’s border security funding!

Every day, Americans are victimized by illegal aliens and the drugs trafficked across the border. This shouldn’t be political. Securing the border shouldn’t be political.

Democrats, however, refuse to let Trump secure the border. Their bill blocks Border Patrol from spending any money on border wall construction, setting up immigration checkpoints, or hiring new Border Patrol agents. Instead, that funding, and more, is moved over to “humanitarian” assistance for illegal aliens in the US.

And instead of putting pressure on the Left, the GOP is caving just like always. The Republican version of the spending package in the Senate gives Pelosi all of the humanitarian funding that she wants and refuses to give even a cent to the border wall or hiring additional Border Patrol agents.

President Trump is fighting both parties. But he doesn’t have to fight them alone…

You can help fight back, but the President needs your help right now!

Stop the surrender! Tell Congress right now that they MUST stop this Pelosi’s radical border spending bill and protect Pres. Trump’s border security funding!

Stop the surrender,

Joe Otto
Conservative Daily


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