Democrats just advanced a radical bill to cut border funding and help even more illegals aliens invade the US… and they have Republican help!

This is a long email, but that is because Democrats and Republicans did something this week that is too horrible to ignore. Please, read this entire email and join our campaign at the bottom to stop this treachery from passing!

Every Summer, Congress must get to work on drafting the appropriations bills for the next fiscal year. The Appropriations Committee starts the process and each of its twelve sub-committees are responsible for producing one of the dozen bills needed to fund the government. This is called the "Power of the Purse" and this is the first time in eight years that the Democrats will get to control this process.

On Wednesday, the Appropriations Committee's Homeland Security Subcommittee got to work on their appropriations bill. This is the legislation that will decide what the Department of Homeland Security can (and cannot) do next year. 

The Homeland Security Subcommittee is supposed to focus on keeping the American people safe, no matter the cost. But Democrats are now in charge, and they have other plans. We now know the Left's plan. As Border Patrol begs for additional funding to build barriers and stop the invasion at our border, Congressional Democrats (and their GOP allies) are conspiring behind closed doors to CUT this funding instead.

And they're praying that they get away with this before you realize what they're doing…

Please, you must send your instant FaxBlast to Congress and demand they STOP these radical Democrats and GOPers from cutting border funding and helping even more illegal aliens invade the country!

Instead of securing the border, Subcommittee Chairwoman Nita Lowey (D-NY) (shown above) has decided that it is more important to dedicate Americans' taxes to "protect the dignity and safety" of illegal aliens invading our country.

Here is what the Left's draft Homeland Security funding bill does:

  • Blocks new funding for border walls, fences, or barriers of any kind. Trump wouldn't be allowed to build another inch of border barriers.
  • Blocks new funding to hire additional Border Patrol agents. Right now, the Department says they need at least two thousand new agents to keep the country safe. Democrats are refusing to authorize it…
  • Blocks new funding to set up new Border Patrol checkpoints to catch illegal aliens that make it into the country. So if illegal aliens do escape into the country, Border Patrol would not be allowed devote additional resources to tracking them down.
  • Outlaws Pres. Trump's national emergency order and freezes the funds. Right now, a Federal judge has halted Trump's plan to use military funding to build the wall. But even if the Supreme Court rules that Trump can do this and allows him to restart construction, Democrats have slipped in a provision that retroactively freezes all of the funds.
  • Reduces funding for ICE detention facilities. This year, Democrats forced ICE to cut their detention beds (the maximum number of illegal aliens they can detain at any given time) from 49,000 to 40,520. This new bill would slash that even more down to just 34,000, instantly forcing ICE to start releasing thousands more illegal aliens every week.
  • Rescinds 601 million that Trump moved from the Treasury Forfeiture Fund to finance border wall construction.
  • Forces the Trump administration to release any illegal aliens who show up to the border with a child in-tow (even if that child isn't theirs…). This provision literally rewards and protects child traffickers.
  • Restores full asylum rights for any illegal alien who claims they are victims of domestic violence or gang violence (even if they can't prove it). This was a provision that Establishment Republicans tried to push through this year. It would automatically allow illegal aliens to qualify for asylum simply by claiming to be fleeing domestic or gang violence.
  • And after the Trump administration canceled the programs, Democrats are planning to slip in an additional amendment requiring the government to provide schooling, English language classes, sports leagues, and even legal aid to illegal aliens in US custody. That's right, your taxes would go towards paying for illegal aliens' lawyers…

This is, without a doubt, the worst border bill ever written in the United States Congress. And Republicans are just rolling over to let them push this through!

Please, you must send your instant FaxBlast to Congress and demand they STOP these radical Democrats and GOPers from cutting border funding and helping even more illegal aliens invade the country!

This horrible draft passed through the subcommittee using what is called a "voice vote." That means that each side says "aye" or "nay" and the chairwoman decides for herself which side is louder. This is done to protect vulnerable Democrats and Republicans so they can vote for controversial bills like this without formally going on the record. And not a single Republican asked for Wednesday's vote to be recorded. They didn't want you to know they supported this bill!

The GOP is in on this!

The Democrats just moved forward with a bill to completely surrender our southern border and not only did Republicans refuse to fight it, but now the GOP is saying they need to "compromise" with the Left on this. 

There is no "compromising" with people who want to let as many illegal aliens into the country as possible. If any of these provisions make it into law, it will be impossible to ever secure the border.

The fight has now reached your doorstep. Today, I am asking you to do two things:

1) Please, join our campaign today and help us send a quarter million FaxBlasts to pressure Congress to kill this dangerous bill before it's too late.

and please also

2) Forward this to your conservative family members and friends. The Left and their RINO allies think they can sneak these provisions through subcommittee because the American people aren't paying attention. Share this with your conservative friends and family so we can prove them wrong!

We can stop this, but only if we rally together right now and fight back!

Please, you must send your instant FaxBlast to Congress and demand they STOP these radical Democrats and GOPers from cutting border funding and helping even more illegal aliens invade the country!


Joe Otto
Conservative Daily


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