Yesterday, House Democrats passed the American Dream and Promise Act, the largest amnesty bill in American history. If it becomes law, more than 2.5 million illegal aliens — including illegals with criminal convictions — would be eligible for not only amnesty, but also US citizenship.

Going into yesterday's vote, we had heard that as many as 18 Republicans were considering voting for the bill. Pressure from conservatives like you forced most of them to stand down. In the end, seven Republicans voted for Pelosi's amnesty bill: Reps. Bacon (NE), Diaz-Balart (FL), Fitzpatrick (PA), Hurd (TX), Newhouse (WA), Smith (NJ), and Fred Upton (MI).

On the other side of the Capitol, the Senate's most recent bill was an emergency spending package that specifically excluded Pres. Trump's emergency border security funding requests. When the bill went to the House, brave Conservatives like John Rose (TN) and Chip Roy (TX) blocked the bill from being pushed through. But they couldn't block it forever. On Monday, Pelosi brought the bill to the floor for a full vote and not only did it pass, but 132 Republicans voted with Democrats to once again block the President's border security funding request.

The Republicans have already admitted that they want to pass amnesty. Except this time, it's different. The GOP is negotiating over a clean amnesty bill with no other border security or immigration reforms attached.

The GOP is abandoning the President… They are abandoning the border… They are abandoning you!

Make Congress fear you! Send your instant Fax Blast to Congress right now and FORCE them to stand down and kill this immigration surrender plan, or else!

Before leaving for the UK, Pres. Trump announced that he would place new tariffs on Mexico unless they stopped the invasion of migrants at our southern border. Terrified Mexican officials immediately hopped on a plane and flew to Washington DC to negotiate a solution. The Mexican government announced that they would be willing to increase border enforcement and crack down more on the caravans.

But as soon as the trade representatives arrived in Washington, Republicans were there to comfort them. The GOP told the Mexican trade negotiators that Trump was likely bluffing, and if he wasn't, that Mexico shouldn't worry because Republicans would never allow the tariffs to go into effect.

"There's not much support in [the Republican] caucus for tariffs," Mitch McConnell announced yesterday. He then told reporters that he hoped President Trump was bluffing so that he wouldn't have to block the tariffs from going into effect.

And just like that, the President lost all of his leverage. The Mexican government is already backtracking on their offers because the GOP has promised to protect them from Trump.

Every single time that President Trump has taken action to secure the border, the Congressional Republicans were waiting to pull the rug out from under him. Every single time a border security provision has been put to a vote, the GOP has blocked it from reaching Trump's desk. And now, no-strings-attached amnesty is on the table instead…

The Republican establishment doesn't just want to give amnesty and citizenship to millions of Americans. They also want to leave the border wide open so millions more can stream into the country,

Make Congress fear you! Send your instant Fax Blast to Congress right now and FORCE them to stand down and kill this immigration surrender plan, or else!

There is still time to stop this immigration surrender bill.

There is a reason that the GOP has been doing this all in secret. There is a reason that only seven Republicans dared vote for the biggest amnesty bill ever yesterday.

The GOP is still terrified of you because they are terrified of losing re-election. There are even two dozen Democrats representing Red districts who are terrified of going against their conservative constituents. And they have good reason to be afraid.

Last year, we caught Congressman Kevin Yoder (KS) trying to secretly push an open border amnesty amendment through committee. He held a "voice vote" in committee in order to prevent you and I from knowing which Republicans voted for the surrender plan. Within days, Yoder was apologizing and promising to never do it again, but it was too late. He was removed from office just months later.

Congress is supposed to serve you, and it is up to you to remind them that!

Our campaign today is simple. We want to send a quarter million fax blasts to Congress reminding Congressmen and Senators who they work for and letting them know that if they go down this path — if they push suicidal amnesty and block the border security bills — then they will be dragged out of office just like Rep. Yoder.

And they think they can get away with this without you realizing it! The Republican leadership believes they can sabotage the President and help pass the Left's amnesty bill without facing the consequences.

We need your help to prove them wrong!

Make Congress fear you! Send your instant Fax Blast to Congress right now and FORCE them to stand down and kill this immigration surrender plan, or else!


Joe Otto
Conservative Daily


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