This is not a drill! Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats are officially bringing their "Dream Act" to the floor TODAY and Republicans are lining up to help them!

This is the biggest amnesty bill ever. It would give legal status and a pathway to citizenship to at least 2.5 million illegal aliens.

Not only would this dangerous bill give states like California and New York additional congressional sets, but it would likely flip states like Texas, Florida, Georgia, Arizona, and North Carolina from red to blue for decades to come. This has been the Left's plan all along.

Amazingly, the legislation would actually allow illegal aliens to have up to three misdemeanor criminal convictions before being disqualified from the amnesty provisions. Nancy Pelosi's bill literally would give illegal alien convicted criminals a pathway to US citizenship…

And the first vote is happening today!

Kill this amnesty bill! Send your instant message to Congress and demand that they vote NO the American Dream and Promise Act!

For years, liberal prosecutors have allowed illegal alien criminals to plead down charges from felonies to misdemeanors. For example, illegal aliens typically plead down felony identity theft charges to crimes like misdemeanor possession of forged documents. Prosecutors in states like California and New York have also allowed illegal aliens to plead down drug, gun, drunk driving, assault, and even manslaughter charges for years so that these illegals could avoid deportation. If this radical Dream Act passes, these criminals would not only get amnesty, but would be eligible for US citizenship in just a few years.

This is the most radical piece of immigration legislation ever brought to the floor.

It also contains no border security provisions. For years, both parties have called for bipartisan "comprehensive" immigration reform. "Comprehensive" simply means that the bill would be a compromise. In exchange for border security enhancements and changes to the legal immigration system, the Left would get some form of amnesty for illegal aliens in the country. It was going to be a bitter pill, but both parties always admitted that they would need to compromise to get something through.

This "Dream" Act is not comprehensive. There is no funding for the border wall. No border security enhancements. No provisions to close the asylum loopholes that are causing the current invasion at the border. No strings attached whatsoever.

And Republicans are going along with it. Remember, it was Senate Republicans who helped Democrats pass an amnesty package five years ago. The only reason this radical amnesty isn't already US law is because conservatives like you forced Republicans in the House to kill the bill.

However today, Nancy Pelosi controls the House and Democrats control even more seats in the Senate than they did in 2014.

But one fact still remains: the Left cannot get their amnesty plan through without Republican help in both chambers.

The first vote is coming today. House and Senate Republicans are already negotiating with the Left. Instead of trying to kill this bill, the GOP is negotiating over how many illegal aliens should get citizenship.

You need to rise up and fight this monstrosity right now before it is too late!

Kill this amnesty bill! Send your instant message to Congress and demand that they vote NO the American Dream and Promise Act!

No Amnesty,

Joe Otto
Conservative Daily


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